Oxfordshire Cross-Country League 18/19

Please note that some of the 10K times on which your handicap is based are estimated. If you are unhappy with your scores, please let us know as we may be able to amend them for the future.

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Score chart from Cirencester (Race 1)

Name Actual Time Handicap % Handicap Time Points
Adrian Smith43:596930:2125
Dave Cantwell34:5689.631:1824
Dan Eisenhandler40:0478.231:2023
James Bolton32:0010032:0022
Sonnie Jane42:1476.432:1621
Rob Webster37:1588.132:4920
Rob Linnell36:3689.832:5219
Hans Price37:418833:1018
Dan Moseley38:018833:2717
Sue Cantwell32:3175.324:2925
Susan Haines39:5963.625:2624

Score chart from Cirencester (Race 2)

Name Actual Time Handicap % Handicap Time Points
Dave Cantwell38:3989.60%34:3825
Adrian Smith51:0869.00%35:1724
Jake Harrison37:5493.60%35:2823
James Bolton35:40100%35:4022
David Watkinson42:5183.30%35:4221
Rob Webster41:1088.10%36:1620
Neil Preddy49:4673.60%36:3819
Dan Eisenhandler47:1378.20%36:4818
Rob Linnell41:0989.80%36:5717
Sonnie Jane48:5076.40%37:1816
Lucy Dunn36:4580.90%29:4425
Sue Cantwell40:0475.30%30:1024
Paula Booth43:3670.70%30:4923