Results July/August/September 2010

Thursday - July 1st 2010 - Combe Mota-Vation (3.9 miles)

Steve Naylor
James Bolton
Sue Cantwell

Steve Naylor had another great run clocking just over 5-minute miling whilst James Bolton finished inside the top 10. Sue Cantwell led our girls home and Susan Harrison took 2nd LV55 honours. Steve Caswell had another plucky run and Nicola Leavesley can be encouraged by her first race after having a baby.Our men's team were 3rd on the night and our women 6th. Winning time: 19:06 (Record) Number of finishers: 303

Name Position Time Notes
Steve Naylor 002 20:09 2nd SM
James Bolton 008 21:06
Brian O'Connor (V40) 022 22:07
Dave Cantwell (V40) 029 22:31
Kevin Game 030 22:33
Daniel Moseley (U19) 048 23:40
Sam Cruickshank 052 24:00
Andy Pike (V40) 076 24:58
Peter Rayner (V60) 100 25:50
Will Hudson 109 26:13
Sue Cantwell (LV35) 121 26:43
Mark Minchin (U19) 122 26:44
Susan Harrison (LV55) 171 28:58 2nd LV55
Fiona Weidberg 199 30:24
Kirk Adams 201 30:29
Steph Hibberd 262 35:00
Steve Caswell (V50) 267 35:20
Nicola Leavesley 270 35:35

Brian O'Connor
Dave Cantwell
Kevin Game & Daniel Moseley
Susan Harrison

Sam Cruickshank
Andy Pike
Peter Rayner
Fiona Weidberg

Will Hudson
Mark Minchin
Steph Hibberd

Kirk Adams
Steve Caswell
Nicola Leavesley

Mota-Vation Combe Results

Saturday 3rd July 2010 - Kingham 10K

Our men dominatd this new race with 2nd, 3rd and 5th from James Bolton, Kevin Game and Dave Cantwell. Our girls also acquitted themselves with honour being led home by Sue Cantwell who was 1st LV40. Winning time: 34:14 Number of finishers: 121

Name Position Time Notes
James Bolton 002 36:08 2nd SM
Kevin Game 003 36:42 3rd SM
Dave Cantwell (V40) 005 37:24 2nd V40
Sue Cantwell (LV35) 034 46:24 2nd LV40
Zazi Barrell (LV35) 051 49:33
Tracey Scarlett (LV35) 077 55:02
Eileen Wooloff (LV35) 082 55:36
Steph Hibberd 103 62:19

Kingham 10K Results

Sunday 4th July 2010 - Tadley 10K

Martin Townsend, one of our marathon boys, continued his run of shorter races with another competent effort over a hilly course. Winning time: 34:02 Number of finishers: 279

Name Position Time Notes
Martin Townsend (V40) 019 39:31

Tadley 10K Results

Sunday 11th July 2010 - Didcot 5-Mile (County Championships)

Steve Naylor
Sue Cantwell
Our Men's team
Dave Cantwell, Steve Naylor, Brian O'Conor & James Bolton

Steve Naylor put in another great performance to break the existing Club record and take the County 5-Mile Championship trophy.Dave Cantwell and Brian O'Connor came 2nd & 3rd respectively in the V40 age category and Sue Cantwell took 1st LV35 honours in open and County races placing 2nd in the race behind our new recruit Sophie Carter. Sophie was representing Kidlington until her transfer to us comes through. There were personal bests for Steve Naylor, James Bolton, Dave Cantwell, Sam Cruickshank & Sue Cantwell. The team results for the open and County races have yet to be announced. Winning time: 25:00 Number of finishers: 156

Name Position Time Notes
Steve Naylor 001 25:00 Club record/1st SM Open & Cty/p.b.
James Bolton 005 26:48 p.b.
Dave Cantwell (V40) 009 28:24 2nd V40/p.b.
Brian O'Connor (V40) 010 28:50 3rd V40
Sam Cruickshank 024 31:26 p.b.
Sue Cantwell (LV35) 039 33:48 1st LV35/p.b.
Suzanne Briggs (LV45) 101 41:10

Didcot 5 Results

James Bolton
Dave Cantwell
Brian O'Connor
Sam Cruickshank

Suzanne Briggs
Sophie Carter
Women's race winner
(soon to be a Harrier)
Steve Naylor
Presentation of winner's prize
Sue Cantwell
Presentation of 2nd woman's prize
Race Start
Suzanne,James (Kevin Dykes) Dave & Sue

Saturday 17th July 2010 - Hornton 6 (6 miles 6 yards)

Steve Naylor
James Bolton & Kevin Game
Kerry Steele

Steve Naylor kept up his winning run with another impressive performance over a tough course. Our men took the team prize courtesy of Steve, James Bolton & Kevin Game. Daniel Moseley put in a gutsy run for 1st Junior honours whilst Kerry Steele & Steph Hibberd flew our women's flag with Kerry coming 2nd LV35. Winning time: 32:20 Number of finishers: 121

Name Position Time Notes
Steve Naylor 001 32:20 1st SM /1st team
James Bolton 004 33:46 1st team
Kevin Game 007 35:12 1st team
Daniel Moseley (U17) 023 28:50 1st Junior
Jim Stewart 024 38:24
Gavin Bird (V40) 030 39:09
Sam Cruickshank 036 39:51
Will Hudson 045 41:53
Kerry Steele (LV35) 053 42:58 2nd LV35
Mark Pidgeon (V50) 063 44:59
Steph Hibberd 110 59:04

Hornton 6 Results

Daniel Moseley & Jim Stewart
Gavin Bird

Will Hudson
Mark Pidgeon
Steph Hibberd


Name Handicap Time Points
Will Hudson 30:45 16
Daniel Moseley 31:00 15
Steph Hibberd 31:40 14
Steve Naylor 31:53 13
Gavin Bird 32:09 12
Kavin Game 32:12 11
James Bolton 32:17 10
Jim Stewart 32:57 09
Kerry Steele 33:10 08
Sam Cruickshank 33:57 07
Mark Pidgeon 35:32 06

Our Men's winning team
Kevin Game, Steve Naylor & James Bolton
Steve Naylor - Race winner

Sunday 18th July 2010 - Wycombe Half Marathon

Peter Rayner kept up his recent good form with 2nd V60 honours whilst Sophie Carter, who should be eligible to run for us in August finished 1st Senior Lady and 2nd overall. Winning time: 1:13:16 Number of finishers: 987

Name Position Time Notes
Sophie Carter 017 1:24:53 1st SL
Peter Rayner (V60) 072 1:34:40 2nd V60

Wycombe Half Results

Wednesday 21st July 2010 - Oxford Parks 4D Challenge

Kevin Game completed the 2nd in this series of races this one being held in Christchurch Meadow.Race distance is just over 5K. Winning time: 17:34 Number of finishers: 68

Name Position Time Notes
Kevin Game 04 18:22

Oxford Parks Challenge Results

Saturday 31st July 2010 - Reading Park Run 5K

Suzanne Briggs continued her series of 5K races with another useful effort. Winning time: 18:23 Number of finishers: 90

Name Position Time Notes
Suzanne Briggs (LV50/54) 49 25:39

Reading Park Run Results

Thursday – August 5th 2010 – Chipping Norton Motavation (4.2 miles)

Steve Naylor
James Bolton
Nick Hall & Sue Cantwell

For the fourth time in four races Steve Naylor took 2nd spot behind Matt Ashton securing himself 2nd overall in the series with one race to come. James Bolton had another excellent run to finish 7th in very good company. Sue Cantwell led our girls home and Susan Harrison took 2nd LV55 honours. Winning time: 20:57 Number of finishers: 276

Name Position Time Notes
Steve Naylor 002 21:21 2nd SM
James Bolton 007 22:31
Brian O'Connor (V40) 021 23:39
Dave Cantwell (V40) 039 24:50
Sam Cruickshank 052 25:46
Gavin Bird (V40) 056 25:50
Daniel Moseley (U19) 057 25:53
Mark Minchin (U19) 079 27:24
Will Hudson 093 27:51
Peter Rayner (V60) 098 28:10
Sue Cantwell (LV35) 107 28:36
Nick Hall (V40) 108 28:36
Mark Pidgeon (V40) 114 28:53
Susan Harrison (LV55) 172 32:06 2nd LV55
Kirk Adams 197 33:51
Steph Hibberd 243 38:04

Dave Cantwell
Sam Cruickshank, Gavin Bird & Daniel Moseley
Mark Minchin
Will Hudson

Peter Rayner & Mark Pidgeon
Steph Hibberd
Race Start

Mota-Vation Chipping Norton Results


Name Handicap Time Points
Steph Hibberd 20:24 16
Will Hudson 20:26 15
Daniel Moseley 20:55 14
Steve Naylor 21:03 13
Gavin Bird 21:12 12
James Bolton 21:32 11
Mark Minchin 21:55 10
Sam Cruickshank 21:57 09
Sue Cantwell 22:03 08
Dave Cantwell 22:11 07
Brian O'Connor 22:12 06
Nick Hall 22:36 05
Peter Rayner 22:39 04
Susan Harrison 22:40 03
Mark Pidgeon 22:49 02
Kirk Adams 23:54 01

Saturday 7th August - Reading Park Run 5K

Suzanne Briggs

Suzanne Briggs ran 25 seconds quicker than last week's Park Run and only 35 seconds outside her personal best. Winning female time: 20:19 Number of finishers: 130

Name Position Time Notes
Suzanne Briggs (LV50/54) 64 25:14

Reading Park Run Results

Sunday – August 8th 2010 – Hooky 6 (6-Miles)

James Bolton
Brian O'Connor
Sophie Carter

James Bolton had a great run to finish just 17 seconds behind the winner with Brian O'Connor and Kevin Game achieving top 10 finishes and taking 1st team honours. Sophie Carter won the women's race in great style leading our girls to a team victory. Brian O'Connor won the V40 category, Carey Gray was 2nd V50, Peter Rayner 2nd V60, Sue Cantwell 2nd LV35, Bryan Vaughan 3rd V50 and Kerry Steele 3rd LV35. Winning time: 32:15 Men/ 36:25 Women Number of finishers: 270

Name Position Time Notes
James Bolton 002 32:32 2nd SM/1st team
Brian O'Connor (V40) 006 34:24 1st V40/1st team
Kevin Game 008 35:04 1st team
Dave Cantwell (V40) 013 35:54
Sophie Carter 017 36:25 1st SL:/1st team
Carey Gray (V50) 029 38:17 2nd V50
Gavin Bird (V40) 034 38:44
Bryan Vaughan (V50) 038 39:21 3rd V50
Peter Rayner (V60) 046 40:20 2nd V60
Neil Carter 057 41:07
Sam Cruickshank 059 41:12
Sue Cantwell (LV35) 062 41:33 2nd LV35/1st team
Daniel Moseley 072 42:30
Kerry Steele (LV35) 079 42:43 3rd LV35/1st team
Will Hudson 081 42:53
Rose Bosnell (LV35) 121 46:11
Steph Hibberd 237 58:45

Kevin Game
Dave Cantwell
Sue Cantwell
Carey Gray

Gavin Bird
Bryan Vaughan
Kerry Steele

Peter Rayner
Neil Carter
Sam Cruickshank

Daniel Moseley
Will Hudson
Rose Bosnell
Steph Hibberd

Hooky 6 Results

CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS - HANDICAP TIMES & POINTS (HOOKY 6 – 8 OF 14) - No entries to competition after race 7 so no handicap time or points awarded to Sophie & Neil Carter and Carey Gray

Name Handicap Time Points
James Bolton 31:06 16
Will Hudson 31:28 15
Steph Hibberd 31:29 14
Gavin Bird 31:48 13
Sue Cantwell 32:02 12
Dave Cantwell 32:03 11
Kevin Game 32:05 10
Brian O'Connor 32:18 09
Peter Rayner 32:26 08
Kerry Steele 32:59 07
Daniel Moseley 34:20 06
Rose Bosnell 35:03 05
Sam Cruickshank 35:06 04
Bryan Vaughan 35:20 03

James Bolton
2nd Senior Man
Sophie Carter
1st Senior Woman & Race Winner
Brian O'Connor
1st V40
Sue Cantwell
2nd LV35

Jessica O'Connor
Hooky Fun Run
Alice & Poppy Hudson
Hooky Fun Run
Winning Men's Team

Sunday 8th August 2010 - Salisbury 5-4-3-2-1 (50K Multi-Terrain)

Paul Brackett finished in the top 20 in this gruelling challenge taking 3rd V50 category honours whilst Leo Brooke-Little also performed well. Winning time: 3:39:49 Number of finishers: 77

Name Position Time Notes
Paul Brackett (V50) 20 4:26:07 (Chip) 3rd V50
Leo Brooke-Little (V40) 52 4:56:12 (Chip)

Salisbury 5-4-3-2-1 Results

Wednesday 11th August 2010 - Oxford Parks 4D Challenge

Kevin Game completed yet another 5K dash in this Parks Challenge series achieving a creditable 3rd place at South Parks. Winning time: 16:51 Number of finishers: 52

Name Position Time Notes
Kevin Game 04 17:41

Oxford Parks Challenge Results

Saturday 21st August - Reading Park Run 5K

Suzanne Briggs

Suzanne Briggs had another consistent run in this weekly series finishing just over 30 seconds outside her p.b. Winning female time: 19:37 Number of finishers: 153

Name Position Time Notes
Suzanne Briggs (LV50/54) 73 25:11

Reading Park Run Results

Sunday 22nd August 2010 - Seaford Marathon

Paul Brackett

Paul Brackett did this one the hard way covering 30 miles or so after getting lost in hard rain and mist over the Sussex Downs. The course is marked with arrows and there are few marshals. Winning time: 3:10:21 Number of finishers: 115

Name Position Time Notes
Paul Brackett (V50) 041 4:29:35

Seaford Marathon Results

Sunday 29th August 2010 - Pewsey Half Marathon

Peter Rayner
Another V60 victory

Peter Rayner continued his great start to his V60 career taking 1st in category honours over a hily course in windy conditions. Winning time: tbc Number of finishers: tbc

Name Position Time Notes
Peter Rayner (V60) 040 1:33:57 1st V60

Pewsey Half Marathon Results (to follow)

Tuesday 24th to Sunday 29th August 2010 - La Petite Trotte a Leon (240K Trail)

Leo Brooke-Little

Leo Brooke-Little took part in what he decsribed as the toughest run ever over a 240K mountain route with a total of 18,000m of ascent in the French Alps (Chamonix). Winning time: tbc Number of finishers: tbc

Name Position Time Notes
Leo Brooke-Little (V40) tbc 101 hours

La Petite Trotte Results

Thursday - September 2nd 2010 - Oxford Mota-Vation (4.06 miles)

Steve Naylor got his just deserts in winning this final race in the series taking 2nd Senior Man overall and finishing just 4 seconds outside the course record.James Bolton also had another excellent run helping our men to 3rd team in the series. Daniel Moseley and Suasan Harrison secured 2nd overall in their respective ages categories. Winning time: 20:21 Number of finishers: 276

Name Position Time Notes
Steve Naylor 001 20:21 1st SM
James Bolton 004 21:08
Brian O'Connor (V40) 019 22:30
Kevin Game 023 22:45
Dave Cantwell (V40) 027 22:56
Hans Price 033 23:07
Daniel Moseley (U19) 055 24:41
Sam Cruickshank 058 24:51
Andy Pike (V40) 061 24:53
Rob Linnell 063 24:55
Roger Bradley (V40) 064 24:58
Mark Minchin (U19) 088 26:19
Peter Rayner (V60) 095 26:36
Mark Pidgeon (V50) 109 27:34
Nick Hall (V40) 120 28:02
Kirk Adams 179 31:11
Steve Caswell (V50) 225 34:24
Nicola Leavesley 233 34:48
Steph Hibberd 243 36:03

Mota-Vation Oxford Results

Saturday 4th September - Reading Park Run 5K

Suzanne Briggs ran 9 seconds quicker than 2 weeks ago and seems to be improving all the time. Winning female time: tbc Number of finishers: tbc

Name Position Time Notes
Suzanne Briggs (LV50/54) 73 25:02

Reading Park Run Results

Sunday 5th September - Swallowfields 10K

Peter Rayner took yet another V60 1st prize at this new event near Reading. Winning time: 33:18 Number of finishers: 284

Name Position Time Notes
Peter Rayner (V60) 015 41:44 1st V60

Swallowfields 10K Results

Sunday 5th September - Wolverhampton City Marathon

Paul Brackett managed to stay on course to run his quickest time of the year and come 4th in the V50 age category. Winning time: tbc Number of finishers: tbc

Name Position Time Notes
Paul Brackett (V50) 056 3:25:42 4th V50

Wolverhampton Marathon Results (to follow)

Sunday – September 5th 2010 – Headington 10K

Steve Naylor
New Club record at Headington 10K

Steve Naylor broke our long-standing Club record in winning his second race in a week whilst there were also personal bests from James Bolton, Kevin Game, Will Hudson, Sue Cantwell and Kerry Steele. There were age category honours for Brian O'Connor (2nd V40), Carey Gray (2nd V50), Bryan Vaughan (3rd V50) and Daniel Moseley (2nd Junior). Winning time: 31:30 Men/ 38:21 Women Number of finishers: 250

Name Position Time Notes
Steve Naylor 001 31:30 1st SM/p.b./Club record
James Bolton 006 33:01 p.b.
Kevin Game 011 34:56 p.b.
Brian O'Connor (V40) 015 36:01 2nd V40
Dave Cantwell (V40) 019 36:20
Carey Gray (V50) 034 38:09 2nd V50
Bryan Vaughan (V50) 037 38:36 3rd V50
Daniel Moseley (Junior) 041 38:59 2nd Junior
Will Hudson 069 41:48 p.b.
Sue Cantwell (LV35) 074 42:11 p.b.
Kerry Steele (LV35) 082 42:52 p.b.
Kirk Adams 162 49:39
Steph Hibberd 225 59:45

Headington 10K Results

CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS - HANDICAP TIMES & POINTS (HEADINGTON 10K – 9 OF 14) - No entries to competition after race 7 so no handicap time or points awarded to Carey Gray

Name Handicap Time Points
Will Hudson 30:41 16
Steve Naylor 31:04 15
Daniel Moseley 31:30 14
James Bolton 31:33 13
Kevin Game 31:58 12
Steph Hibberd 32:02 11
Dave Cantwell 32:27 10
Sue Cantwell 32:31 09
Kerry Steele 33:06 08
Brian O'Connor 33:48 07
Bryan Vaughan 34:40 06
Kirk Adams 35:03 05

Sunday – September 12th 2010 – Witney Cotswold Classic 10 Mile

James Bolton had another great run to come within a whisker of winning the race. There were personal bests from Kevin Game, Dave Cantwell, Sue Cantwell and Will Hudson plus a number of excellent debut runs with Sophie Carter coming 2nd in the women's race winning the County title. Brian O'Connor & Peter Rayner are V40 & V60 County champions respectively. Winning time: 56:05 Men/ 61:51 Women Number of finishers: 211

Name Position Time Notes
James Bolton 002 56:07 2nd SM Open & County. 1st team Open & County
Kevin Game 009 59:54 1st team Open & County/p.b.
Brian O'Connor (V40) 010 60:28 2nd V40/1st V40 County/1st team Open & County
Dave Cantwell (V40) 011 61:11 3rd V40/2nd V40 County/1st team Open & County/p.b.
Sophie Carter 016 62:27 2nd SL/1st SL County/2nd team Open & County/Club Record/debut
Carey Gray (V50) 024 65:17
Roger Bradley (V40) 042 70:26 debut
Peter Rayner (V60) 044 70:36 1st V60 Open & County
Kerry Steele (LV35) 057 73:28 3rd LV35/debut
Sue Cantwell (LV35) 058 73:35 3rd LV35 County/2nd team Open & County/p.b.
Will Hudson 162 75:46 p.b.
Rose Bosnell (LV35) 114 81:05 2nd team Open & County/debut
Sarah Kerswell (LV45) 125 82:56 debut
Zazi Barrell (LV35) 133 84:44 debut
Kirk Adams 148 87:14
Anni Morgan (LV35) 160 90:10
Steph Hibberd 204 108:32 debut

Witney 10 Results

CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS - HANDICAP TIMES & POINTS (WITNEY 10– 10 OF 14) - No entries to competition after race 7 so no handicap time or points awarded to Sophie Carter, Carey Gray, Roger Bradley, Sarah Kerswell & Zazi Barrell.

Name Handicap Time Points
James Bolton 53:39 16
Dave Cantwell 54:38 15
Kevin Game 54:48 14
Will Hudson 55:37 13
Kerry Steele 56:43 12
Sue Cantwell 56:44 11
Peter Rayner 56:46 10
Brian O'Connor 56:47 09
Steph Hibberd 58:10 08
Anni Morgan 60:25 07
Rose Bosnell 61:33 06
Kirk Adams 61:35 05

Saturday - 18th September 2010 - Woodstock 12 (12 miles 198 yards)

Andy Battye
3rd V50
Martin Townsend
Will Hudson & Rose Bosnell

James Bolton and Sue Cantwell led our men and women home to 2nd & 3rd teams respectively again earning valuable points in the Oxon Road Race Grand Prix team and individual competitions. It was great to see Woodstock legend Andy Battye taking 3rd V50 placing and there were other age category places for Brian O'Connor (3rd V40), Peter Rayner (3rd V60) &, Sue Cantwell (3rd LV35) whilst our men were 2nd and our girls 3rd in the team contests. We just edged out Wigan Phoenix in the inter-Club competition despite a fine win from John Morrisey who won by 11 seconds from Oxford City veteran Steve Male. Winning time: 1:08:06 (Men)/1:18:42 (Women) Number of finishers:180

Name Position Time Notes
James Bolton 004 1:09:47 2nd Team
Brian O'Connor (V40) 008 1:13:38 3rd V40/2nd Team
Dave Cantwell (V40) 012 1:15:12 2nd Team
Kevin Game 016 1:17:04
Hans Price 018 1:17:45
Martin Townsend (V40) 041 1:23:55
Andy Battye (V50) 043 1:24:43 3rd V50
Peter Rayner (V50) 053 1:27:30 3rd V60
Sue Cantwell(LV35) 056 1:28:46 3rd LV35/3rd team
Kerry Steele(LV35) 058 1:29:50 3rd team
Will Hudson 074 1:34:16
Rose Bosnell (LV35) 083 1:36:13 3rd team
Kirk Adams 130 1:45:23
Steph Hibberd 176 2:09:18

Woodstock 12 Results

More Pictures

James Bolton
3rd Senior Man & 4th overall
Brian O'Connor
3rd V40
Sue Cantwell
3rd LV35

Dave Cantwell
Hans Price
Kerry Steele


(no new entries to competition allowed after race 7 so no points awarded to Andy Battye)

Name Handicap Time Points
James Bolton 1:06:43 16
Dave Cantwell !:07:09 15
Sue Cantwell 1:08:26 14
Brian O'Connor 1:09:08 13
Will Hudson !:09:11 12
Steph Hibberd 1:09:18 11
Kerry Steele 1:09:21 10
Hans Price 1:09:44 09
Peter Rayner 1:10:21 08
Kevin Game 1:10:31 07
Martin Townsend 1:11:25 06
Rose Bosnell 1:13:02 05
Kirk Adams 1:14:24 04

Kevin Game
Peter Rayner
3rd V60
Steph Hibberd

Kirk Adams
Our Women's team who came 3rd
Rose, Sue & Kerry
First 3 finishers
John Morrisey, Steve Male & Paul Fernandez

Saturday - 18th September 2010 - Birmingham Canal Canter Marathon

Paul Brackett was in the leading group up to 20 miles but had to settle for 3rd place and 1st V50 in the end running under Spaghetti Junction in the process. Winning time: tbc Number of finishers: 65

Name Position Time Notes
Paul Brackett (V50) 03 3:45:10 1st V50

Tuesday - 21st September 2010 - Radley College 5K Time Trial (Track)

Steve Naylor
Another Club record

Steve Naylor took on the cream of the local athletes in an officially timed and recorded 5K Time Trial at Radley track and beat them all out of sight. Steve ran 27 seconds quicker than at Charndon in May where he established a new Club record on the road. Winning time: 15:06.7 Number of finishers: 17

Name Position Time Notes
Steve Naylor 01 15:6.7 Club Record (Track)

Radley 5K (Track) Results

Sunday - 26th September 2010 - Highclere 10K (Multi-Terrain)

Peter Rayner bagged another 1st V60 prize over an undultaing, multi-terrain course at Highclere Castle. Winning time: 35:58 Number of finishers: 340

Name Position Time Notes
Peter Rayner (V60) 34 43:46 1st V60

Highclere 10K Results