Peter Sugden

Action picture of Peter at Woodstock 12 2005

Date of Birth: 19th December

Telephone: 0118 9423617

e-mail address:

Date started running:1974 whilst in USA after giving up smoking and then, more seriously, after meeting and being encouraged by Fenwick Tunley (q.v.) after returning to Oxford in 1976

Personal Bests:

10-Mile: 52:04 (1985) Maidenhead Good Friday 10
51.30 (1985) Split at London Marathon

Half Marathon: 67:39 (1984) Reading

Marathon: 2:18:24 (1985) London

50-Miles: 5:01:29 (1985) Hereford

London - Brighton: 5:29:21 (1984)

100K: 6:48 (1985) Geneva

Favourite Race & Why: The now defunct South London Harriers 30-Mile. A demanding race that was just a little too long for many fast marathoners (though not for Don Fairclough). And the large trophy was made out of Sterling silver.

Career Highlight: (except for 2005, all as a member of Reading Athletic Club) Winning the Road Runners Club 100K track race in appalling conditions of wind and rain at Barnet in 1982 (7:07). This was the first time that I beat my role model Charlie Hunn, an over 40 veteran from South London Harriers.

Winning the South London Harriers 30 in 1984, 1985, 1987,1989 (also 1st over 40 veteran in 1989)

Winning the London to Brighton in 1987 (6th in 1981, 3rd in 1984 and 1985) but also completing my first London-Brighton in 1980 (6:15:24 - 18th position)

Winning the Woodford 40-Mile in 1984 & 1986

Winning the Isle of Man 40-Mile in 1985

Winning the John Tarrant 50-Mile in 1985

Over the Marathon distance - My first marathon in Barnsley on a cold,foggy and snowy December day in 1978 (2:52). I was just in the first 100 finishers and just ahead of Leslie Watson, who won the ladies' race. My run at London in 1985, which established me as a competent runner at a standard distance and resulted in my being invited to run for England in the Edinburgh International Marathon in 1985 (1 didn't run very well). My run in 1992 at London (2:29:30) which placed me in the UK top 10 veteran rankings that year.

First over 55 veteran in the Reading Half Marathon 2005 (85:16)

Running Ambition: To run a marathon when (if) I reach the age of 60 (then retire from running and find another interest more apposite for my age - maybe Scrabble!!).