Martin Townsend

Action picture of Martin at Woodstock 12

Date of Birth: 8th October

Telephone: 01865 378087

e-mail address:

Date started running: 1982

Personal Bests:

5K: 17.55 (2004) Charndon

10K: 32.33 (1990s) Bourton

5 Mile: 25.56 (1990s) Banbury

10 Mile: 53.47 (1990s) Wimbledon

Half Marathon: 1.11.04 (1990s) Abingdon

Marathon: 2.41.20 (1990s) Abingdon

Favourite Races & Why: Woodstock 12, Isle of Wight Marathon & Cornish Marathon. All tough races but with spectacular scenery and good days out

Career Highlight(s): Forgetting my racing shoes at the Otmoor Challenge - but borrowed a pair and went on to win.

Running Ambition: To do an Ultra and to keep running for a few more years or until my legs won't carry me any more.