Jamie O'Shea

Jamie in action during the Hooky 6 2003

Date of Birth: 20th March
Telephone: 01993 812701
Email Address: joshea68@yahoo.co.uk
Date Started Running: late 1990's
Personal Bests:
20.31 (May 2003) Charndon
39.29 (February 2003) Bourton
5 Mile:
31.56 (October 2002) Hanney
10 Mile:
1.10.25 (September 2002) Witney
Half Marathon:
1.33.45 (March 2003) Silverstone
3.54.00 (April 2002) London
Favourite Race & Why
Tramore Baldyman Challenge in January 2004. This country race of about 5 miles is held in County Waterford in the South East of Ireland every January. The terrain varies from sandy beaches to mud banks, sand dunes, river tidal fringes and a final sprint along the promenade. I even managed to finish ahead of a few baldy men.
Career Highlights:
Finally breaking the 40-minute barrier for 10K before my body packed in.
Career Lowlights:
Being overtaken by a large mobile phone at the 22-mile mark in the 2003 London Marathon. I knew I was in trouble then and, as I continued my slog to the finish line, I was in continual fear of being caught by a rhino or two!
Running Ambition:
To keep fit enough to be able to run a Marathon with my kids when they are grown up