Jason Barry

Action picture of Jason at Hooky Road Relays 2007

Date of Birth: 30th June

Telephone:01666 824648

e-mail address: jason.barry@threadneedle.co.uk

Date started running: 1996 (properly since 1999)

Personal Bests:

5K: 17.12 (August 2003) Corsham

10K: 35.12 (October 2000) Cirencester

5 Mile: 29.30 (October 2004) Hanney

10 Mile: 62.23 (September 2000) Witney

Half Marathon: 1.20.20 (October 2000) Stroud

Favourite Race & Why: Lethbridge 10K in Swindon. First proper 10K and have either run or marshalled at for several years. Most of the course is on the old railway line overlooking the Swindon Front Garden and on one of my regular running routes when in Swindon. This is where I first got out and ran when I started seriously.

Career Highlight(s): 2000 made breakthrough and reduced 10K best from 41 minutes to 35 minutes during the course of the year.

Running Ambition: To stay injury free for at least a year and get back to reducing personal bests.