Previous Harriers Handicap Scores


PositionNameNumber of racesTotal points
1James Bolton12297
2Dave Cantwell11243
3Adrian Smith9183
4Dan Eisenhandler9179
4Neil Preddy9179
6Lucy Dunn8157
7Alan Harrison8153
8Paula Booth7142
9Ralf Arneil6134
10Leo Brooke-Little6132


Pos.NameNumber of
Total Points
1=Alan Harrison14283
1=Dave Cantwell13283
3James Bolton12231
4Neil Preddy8198
5Paula Booth8182
6Will Hudson8165
7Sophie Carter6139
8Ralf Arneil5113
9Lucy Dunn5107
10Kevin Game5101


Pos.NameNumber of
Total Points
1Adrian Smith12283
2Dave Cantwell16259
3James Bolton13255
4Sue Cantwell10213
5Rob Webster8171
5Ralf Arneil8162
7Paula Booth7149
8Kevin Game9147
9Gillian Howell5118
10Hannah Grayson5110


PositionNameQual RacesPoints Total
1Jake Harrison12298
2Ralf Arneil12285
3Dave Cantwell12281
4James Bolton12258
5Adrian Smith11222
6Bryan Vaughan9174
7Rob Webster8165
8Alan Harrison7157
9Dan Eisenhandler9144
10Zoe White9142


PositionNameQual RacesPoints Total
1Dan Eisenhandler12271
2James Bolton12268
3Zoe White12261
4Kevin Game12248
5Dave Cantwell12217
6Adrian Smith12211
7Alan Harrison10207
8Neil Preddy11195
9Denise Bridges10174
10Jake Harrison7164


PositionNameQual RacesPoints Total
1Teresa Blackburn10152
2Adrian Smith10151
3Julie Read10127
4Denise Bridges10118
5James Bolton10107
6Val Berryman-Bousquet8103
7Alan Harrison1097
8Neil Preddy1095
9Dave Cantwell1089
10Dan Blackburn779


PositionNameQual RacesPoints Total (Best 9)
1Lisa Clarke13138
2James Bolton12133
3Alan Harrison9120
4Dave Cantwell11100
5Jake Harrison1098
06=Val Berryman-Bousquet1195
06=Liz Ashdowne995
8Kevin Game1391
9Adrian Smith672
10Paula Booth566


PositionNameQual RacesPoints Total
1Mark Pidgeon9130
2James Bolton9129
3Will Hudson9110
4Hans Price9109
05=Dave Cantwell9101
05=Cyrus Mower8101
7Kevin Game987
8Neil Preddy965
9Jake Harrison460
10Jess Webb657


PositionNameQual RacesPoints Total
1Jess Webb9140
2Nicola Leavesley9134
3Martin Ineson9119
4Sophie Carter993
5Bryan Vaughan791
6Dan Moseley989
7Susan Haines983
8James Bolton982
9Dave Cantwell977
10Brian O’Connor


PositionNameQual RacesPoints Total
1Will Hudson10152
2Steph Hibberd10139
3James Bolton10133
4Dave Cantwell10128
5Kevin Game10122
6Daniel Moseley9114
7Sue Cantwell1098
08=Kerry Steele1094
08=Steve Naylor794
10Brian O’Connor107


PositionNameBest 10 RacesPoints Total
1Sue Cantwell10148
2Will Hudson10146
3Hans Price10143
4John Greenhill10139
5Susan Harrison10120
6Brian O’Connor1097
7Mark Pidgeon1089
08=James Bolton1073
08=Susan Haines673
10Dave Cantwell1063