Results 2018

Results December 2018

Andy Reading 10k – Sunday 9th December 2018

3 Harriers did the Andy Reading 10k. It was a blustery day making the open course fairly tough going. Sophie finished 2nd V35 and Richard finished 3rd V60. Ralf had a strong run too.

Winning Times: 33:17 (Men) / 38:10 (Women) | Number of finishers: 337 | Results | Pictures by Barry Cornelius

Position Name Time Notes
50Sophie Carter40:372nd FV35
60Ralf Arneil41:43
81Zoe White43:083rd V60

OXON XC Round 2 Cirencester – Sunday 2nd December 2018

James Bolton and Lucy Dunn led home our men’s and women’s teams respectively over the challenging Cirencester Park course. James achieved 3rd V40 honours whilst Dave Cantwell was just out of the V50 medals in 4th place.  

Winning Times:  33:30 (Men) / 28:18 (Women) | Number of finishers: 278/168 | ResultsPictures by Barry Cornelius

Position Name Time Notes
12James Bolton35:403rd V40
28Jake Harrison37:54
41David Cantwell38:39
89Rob Linell41:09
90Rob Webster41:10
119David Watkinson42:51
197Dan Eisenhandler47:03
222Sonnie Jane48:50
231Neil Preddy49:46
241Adrian Smith51:08
53Lucy Dunn36:45
86Sue Cantwell40:04
120Paula Booth43:36

Results November 2018

Eynsham 10K – Sunday 25th November 2018

James Bolton and Dave Cantwell took 2nd V40 and 3rd V50 honours respectively in both Open and County competitions; with Sue Cantwell, Paula Booth and Susan Haines making up our ladies’ squad. In the final Club Handicap competition race Dave Cantwell and Alan Harrison finished on the same overall points score for the season giving us the first ever tie for 1st whilst the ever consistent James Bolton finished 3rd. Alan ran 14 of the 17 GP races, Dave 13 and James 12. James confirmed victory in the individual Oxon Road Race Grand Prix for the 9th time, an amazing feat. This was another very frustrating day for the Club with just 10 members taking part from the 50+ registered athletes.  

Winning Times:  32:15 (Men) / 37:11 (Women) | Number of finishers: 596 | ResultsPictures by Barry Cornelius

Position Name Time Notes
6James Bolton34:052nd V40 Open and County
34Dave Cantwell36:593rd V50 Open and County
90Rob Webster39:50
107David Watkinson40:46
160Andy Pike42:35
200Alan Harrison44:31
256Neil Preddy46:34
350Sue Cantwell51:07
403Paula Booth53:08
518Susan Haines58:36
Handicap times and scores:
Harrier Actual Time Handicap Time Handicap Percentage Points
Neil Preddy46:3432:4170.20%25
Dave Cantwell36:5932:5388.90%24
Andy Pike42:3533:3078.70%23
Alan Harrison44:3133:3175.3%22
Paula Booth53:0833:3563.20%21
David Watkinson40:4633:4382.70%20
James Bolton34:0534:05100%19
Rob Webster39:5034:4987.40%18
Sue Cantwell51:0735:3269.50%17

OXON XC Round 1 Newbury – Sunday 4th November 2018

12 Harriers (9 men, 2 ladies and 1 marshal) went to Newbury for the first round of the cross-country. The Newbury Showground – devoid of the traditional hellish hills, or sludge to slog through usually found at a XC fixture – still offered the challenge of fields of energy-sapping tufty grass. Early on in the morning there was some concern that we were going to be out numbered by the amount of cakes (6!) vs number of runners. Luckily(?) some more Harriers found their way to the tent as the morning progressed. Neil very kindly offered not to run so that we could fulfil our marshal requirement. It was great to see Susan Haines, Dan M and Hans out for some XC fun for the first time in a while! Our ladies unfortunately missed 1 runner to complete a team and are 10th in Division 1. Our men finished the round 9th in Division 1.   

Winning Times:  29:56 (Men) / 24:32 (Women) | Number of finishers: 335/206 | ResultsPictures by Barry Cornelius

Position Name Time Notes
17James Bolton32:003rd V40
68David Cantwell34:562nd V50
106Rob Linell36:36
119Rob Webster37:15
129Hans Price37:41
143Dan Moseley38:01
195Dan Eisenhandler40:04
247Sonnie Jane42:14
266Adrian Smith43:59
97Sue Cantwell32:31
181Susan Haines39:59

Results October 2018

Ascott-under-Wychwood 10k MT – Sunday 28th October 2018

3 Harriers took on the trail 10K at Ascott-under-Wychwood. Bryan finished 10th overall, Anne 17th and 3rd female, and Zoe 29th and 1st FV45.

Winning Times: 33:04 (Men) / 47:55 (Women) | Number of finishers: 44 | ResultsPictures by Barry Cornelius

Position Name Time Notes
10Bryan Vaughan47:02:00
17Anne Vissers48:463rd Female
29Zoe White55:521st FV45

Stort30 – Sunday 28th October 2018

Sophie finished 2nd lady and 10th overall at the Stort 30 mile race, impressively competing at the top end a week after winning Abingdon!

Date Name Race Time Notes
28th OctoberSophie CarterStort 303:41:572nd Female, 10th Overall

Amsterdam Marathon – Sunday 21st October 2018

Adrian travelled to Amsterdam in search of the elusive sub 4 hour marathon. Despite running very consistent and well under sub4 pace for most of the race, the last few miles took it’s toll. A tightening leg injury and high heart-rate put him in to maintenance/survival mode until the end – sadly just missing out, but nevertheless a huge PB.

Date Name Race Time Notes
21st OctoberAdrian SmithAmsterdam Marathon4:04:49PB

Abingdon Marathon – Sunday 21st October 2018

Sophie and Sonnie ran the local marathon. Sophie ran very strong and was the first lady home! Sonnie’s report:

I had been struggling to be fit after picking up a virus during the taper. I desperately tried to convince myself that it was just taper nerves/maranoia.  However I woke up early on Sunday and thought I’d give it a go anyway, hopefully not doing too much damage to myself! The weather was pretty much perfect, very little wind and not too cold. Mike, James and Ralf were very welcome support and faces to see around the course, giving the much needed pick-up. I felt strong up to 15 miles, after that I had an increasing headache, temperature and aches. The pace dropped and the mara-shuffle was in full flow from 21 miles. I’m very pleased to have finished it and given it a go. It wasn’t the time I was hoping for but still a PB. That’ll do pig, that’ll do.

Date Name Race Time Notes
21st OctoberSophie CarterAbingdon Marathon2:54:051st Women
21st OctoberSonnie JaneAbingdon Marathon3:51:34PB

Great South Run 10 – Sunday 21st October 2018

Jess Webb mixed it up with some of the best in the country and finished a strong 12th women at the Great South Run 10 mile. Steve and Gilly ran with family and friends as part of memorial for their family friend.

Date Name Race Time Notes
21st OctoberJess WebbGreat South Run1:04:2012th Women
21st OctoberSteve HowellGreat South Run1:17:51
21st OctoberGilly HowellGreat South Run1:43:57

Cambridge Town and Gown 10k – Sunday 21st October 2018

Lucy and Martin travelled to Cambridge for the Town and Gown 10k. Lucy ran a personal best!

Date Name Race Time Notes
21st OctoberLucy DunnCambridge Town and Gown 10k45:35PB
21st OctoberMartin TownsendCambridge Town and Gown 10k44:41

Hanney 5 – Sunday 14th October 2018

James Bolton continued his winning ways with a win at the Hanney 5. Dave Cantwell finished 2nd V50 a few seconds behind 1st V50 place. Alan had a strong run with Dan, Lucy and Neil finishing close together just behind. It is fantastic to see Sue Cantwell and Susan Haines out racing. 

Winning Times: 27:21 (Men) / 31:53 (Women) | Number of finishers: 228  | ResultsPictures by Barry Cornelius

Position Name Time Notes
1James Bolton0:27:211st overall
7Dave Cantwell0:29:442nd V50
66Alan Harrison0:35:08
78Dan Eisenhandler0:36:12
85Lucy Dunn0:36:35Debut 5
89Neil Preddy0:36:51
108Sue Cantwell0:38:54
193Susan Haines0:48:01

Chicago Marathon – Sunday 7th October 2018

Zoe White went to the (not so) windy city and ran the Chicago Marathon, here is her report:
 ‘Chicago was a fantastic place to run a marathon.  My time was 4.07, so I was a bit disappointed I didn’t get a sub-4 hour, but hey I was in Chicago!  The weather was really muggy and I got soaked, but the overall experience was good and the crowds fantastic.  It was good to have our holiday there too, we did lots from a skyscraper river cruise to watching the Chicago Bull basketball team.  That was a fun experience.  A trip to remember for a long time.  Now no more marathons and holidays for a while.  We’ve got to get on with our house renovations. I’m going to stick to halves for a while!  Chicago was number 7 marathon for me.’
Date Name Race Time Notes
7th OctoberZoe WhiteChicago Marathon4:07:5016465/35000+

Bournemouth Half Marathon – Sunday 7th October 2018

Richard Dunbabin ran a brilliant time at the Bournemouth Half finishing 1st V60!
Date Name Race Time Notes
7th OctoberRichard Dunbabin (V60)Bournemouth Half1:33:431st V60

Oxford Half Marathon – Sunday 7th October 2018

There were a some cracking personal bests had at the fast Oxford Half on Sunday. Paula Booth had a great run for a PB, Adrian cashing in on his marathon fitness clocked a pb taking a couple of minutes off. Ralf took a huuuuge 5 minutes from his best to glide in under 90 minutes, finishing just behind Rob L. Sophie ran very strongly and finished 1st LV35. Alan ran another strong race chasing handicap points! Leonie and James had superb runs also.
Winning Times: 1:08:37 (Men) / 1:12:01 (Women) | Number of finishers: 12,000+  | Results |
Position Name Time Notes
21James Bolton1:14:18
133Sophie Carter1:22:361st LV35
420Rob Linell1:29:33
433Ralf Arneil1:29:45PB
834Alan Harrison1:36:20
1652Adrian Smith1:43:10PB
2771Leonie Ingram1:53:35
3007Paula Booth1:53:42PB

Results September 2018

Date Harrier Race Time Position Notes
2nd SeptemberSophie CarterMaidenhead Half1:232nd lady
16th SundayLucy DunnBerlin Marathon3:49:301803rd

Cotswold Classic 10 – Saturday 29th September 2018

James Bolton stormed back to winning ways with a strong run over this hilly course taking 1st overall and 1st V40 honours. Dave Cantwell continued his good form with a second V50 result. Alan Harrison, Dan Eisenhandler and Will Hudson gave valuable support in yet another poor turn-out for the Club. No female Harriers took part.

Winning Times: 56:36 (Men) / 65:10 (Women) | Number of finishers: 229  | ResultsPictures by Barry Cornelius

Position Name Time Notes
1James Bolton56:361st overall/1st V40
15Dave Cantwell62:452nd V50
84Alan Harrison74:52
96Dan Eisenhandler75:42
123Will Hudson79:38

Woodstock 12 – Saturday 22nd September 2018

A great turnout for our home race on Saturday. All of our valuable marshals and helpers did a fantastic job in making it another well organised event. Tegs Jones of Witney won despite feirce competition from club-mate Sam Upton who was one second behind, with Harrier James Bolton very close behind him. Rhodie Jones was the first lady back, closely followed by Jessica Bruce.
Winning time 69:20 (Men) / 81:21 (Women) | Results| Number of finishers: 171 | Pictures by Barry Cornelius 
First 3 in category Men
Position First NameSurnameClubTimeCat
1ST MANTegsJonesWitney Road Runners69:21V40
2ND MANSamUptonWitney Road Runners69:22SM
3RD MANJamesBoltonWoodstock Harriers AC69:34V40
1ST V40DanielLewisEynsham Road Runners72:17V40
2ND V40BenedictPollardEynsham Road Runners76:04V40
3RD V40ChrisColbeckWitney Road Runners78:06V40
1ST V50RobertStoreyEynsham Road Runners75:38V50
2ND V50DavidCantwellWoodstock Harriers AC77:34V50
3RD V50ShaunO'GormanAlchester Running Club80:21V50
1ST V60RobertKerrAlchester Running Club88:11V60
2ND V60AndrewBattyeWoodstock Harriers AC89:51V60
3RD V60PeterBrackettUnattached89:51V60
1ST V70PhilKimberHeadington RR96:41V70
2ND V70NigelLambertAlchester Running Club131:12V70
3RD V70KitVilliersHeadington RR171:26V70
Mens’ Team
First NameSurnameClubTime
1STTegsJonesWitney Road Runners69:21
SamUptonWitney Road Runners69:22
ChrisColbeckWitney Road Runners78:06
2NDDanielLewisEynsham Road Runners72:17
RobertStoreyEynsham Road Runners75:38
BenedictPollardEynsham Road Runners76:04
3RDJamesBoltonWoodstock Harriers AC69:34
DavidCantwellWoodstock Harriers AC77:34
JamesLeavesleyWoodstock Harriers AC80:57
Position First NameSurnameClubTimeCat
1ST LADYRhodieJonesUnattached81:21SL
2ND LADYJessicaBruceUnattached82:34V35
3RD LADYKateDanielsHeadington RR84:10V35
1ST V35EdwinaColcloughAlchester Running Club87:40V35
2ND V35YvonneMorrisHeadington RR89:35V35
3RD V35AmyReadHeadington RR90:20V35
1ST V45KateAllredEynsham Road Runners87:29V45
2ND V45MichelleBartlettBanbury Harriers AC88:25V45
3RD V45LucyHarrisWitney Road Runners94:50V45
1ST V55KatherineBatesEynsham Road Runners91:48V55
2ND V55CarolineKerrAlchester Running Club94:32V55
3RD V55WendyMillattAbingdon AC102:47V55
1ST V65KateWilliamsonEynsham Road Runners103:54V65
2ND V65PamelaSmithHeadington RR143:22V65
Ladies’ Team
First NameSurnameClubTime
1STKateDanielsHeadington RR84:10
EmilyGeorgiadesHeadington RR86:24
YvonneMorrisHeadington RR89:35
2NDVictoriaRichardsonAbingdon AC89:05
RosieDaviesAbingdon AC93:40
ElizabethMcGillAbingdon AC98:26
3RDKateAllredEynsham Road Runners87:29
KatherineBatesEynsham Road Runners91:48
AlisonCraggsEynsham Road Runners103:33
Harriers Results
Position Name Time Notes
3James Bolton69:342nd V40
9Dave Cantwell77:342nd V50
20James Leavesley80:57
26David Watkinson83:25
54Andy Battye89:512nd V60
80Adrian Smith96:44
117Paula Booth107:30

Jungfrau Marathon  – Sunday 8th September 2018

Dan Eisenhandler took on the self proclaimed ‘most beautiful marathon in the world’; the Jungfrau marathon in Switzerland for the second time. He has written a brilliant write up of his antics – have a read!

Burnham Beeches

Date Harrier Race Time Position Notes
12th AugustJess WebbBurnham Beaches Half1:23:2914/12201st Lady

Results August 2018

Mota-Vation Race 5 Oxford – Thursday 30th August 2018

Sophie Carter, our sole female representative, took 3rd overall position in the women’s race whilst Dave Cantwell won the MV50 class and James Bolton finished 2nd V40. Dave and James took 2nd V50 & 3rd V40 series honours respectively.

Winning Times: 20:43 (Men) / 23:55 (Women) | Number of finishers: 370  | ResultsPictures by Barry Cornelius

Position Name Time Notes
15James BOLTON0:22:082nd V40
43David CANTWELL0:23:421st V50
59Rob LINELL0:24:40
72David WATKINSON0:25:06
79Sophie CARTER0:25:213rd Lady
82Kevin GAME0:25:24
95Ralf ARNEIL0:26:08
106Daniel Eisenhandler0:26
142Andy PIKE0:27:39
159Neil PREDDY0:28:20
177Adrian SMITH0:29:08

Headington5 – Sunday 26th August 2018

On a much cooler day than of late with rain threatening, James Bolton led home a small field of Harriers to take 3rd V40 honours. Paula Booth completed personal best for the Club.

Winning Times: 24:36 (Men) / 30:05 (Women) | Number of finishers: 476  | ResultsPictures by Barry Cornelius

Position Name Time Notes
9James Bolton27:283rd V40
116Andy Pike33:59
120Alan Harrison34:10
135Dan Eisenhandler35:06
170Neil Preddy36:38
261Paula Booth40:39
390Susan Haines46:52

Alchester 5k – Wednesday 15th August 2018

This County Championship event was marginally better attended with Sophie Carter securing 2nd overall female position and 1st LV35 athlete. James Bolton, still on the recovery trail, did well to earn 2nd V40 honours with Dave Cantwell coming home 3nd V50. Alan Harrison continued his excellent form running within 1 second of his personal best set 3 years ago. Zoe White and Paula Booth supported Sophie in a good female team effort as did Kevin Game, Will Hudson and Neil Preddy for our men. Final County positions to be announced later.
In the Club Handicap competition, Dave Cantwell is 2 points clear of Alan Harrison after race 10 of 17.

Winning Times: 15:58 (Men) / 18:45 (Women) | Number of finishers: 221  | ResultsPictures by Barry Cornelius

Position Name Time Notes
10James Bolton16:492nd V40
35Dave Cantwell18:023rd V50
54Sophie Carter18:532nd female / 1st LV35
67Kevin Game 19:18
85Alan Harrison20:33
103Will Hudson 21:20
Handicap times and scores:
Harrier Actual Time Handicap Time Handicap Percentage Points
Neil Preddy21:3815:1170.225
Alan Harrison20:3315:2875.324
Sophie Carter18:5315:5484.223
Will Hudson21:2015:5974.922
Dave Cantwell18:0216:0288.921
Paula Booth25:3416:0963.220
Zoe White23:3816:2369.319
Kevin Game19:1816:2785.218
James Bolton16:4916:4910017

Witney Pakrun – Saturday 11th August 2018

The monthly club outing to Parkrun was at Witney. A tough and technical course was tackled by 6 Harriers with Dave, Sue and Paula all completing their first Parkrun. Dave finished 1st V50, Ralf was 1st V40, Alan 2nd V50 and Neil 1st V55.  Winning Times: 17:21 (Men) / 21:56 (Women) | Number of finishers: 232  | Results 

Position Name Time Notes
6Dave Cantwell19:451st V50
13Ralf Arneil21:141st V40
21Alan Harrison21:582nd V50
36Neil Preddy23:111st V55
75Sue Cantwell26:52
104Paula Booth28:28

Hooky6 – Sunday 5th August 2018

James Bolton led home a very disappointingly small contingent of Harriers to take 5th overall and 2nd V40 honours whilst the ever reliant Dave Cantwell was 1st V50 home. Jake Harrison, Ralf Arneil and Alan Harrison all battled bravely in the extreme heat as did Paula Booth our sole female representative on the day. Winning Times: 34:01 (Men) / 39:41 (Women) | Number of finishers: 350  | ResultsPictures by Barry Cornelius

Position Name Time Notes
5James Bolton34:322nd V40
17Dave Cantwell37:051st V50
22Jake Harrison38:39
65Ralf Arneil42:26
73Alan Harrison43:05
192Paula Booth52:53
Handicap times and scores:
Harrier Actual Time Handicap Time Handicap Percentage Points
Alan Harrison43:0532:2675.3%25
Dave Cantwell37:0532:5888.9%24
Paula Booth52:5333:2563.2%23
Ralf Arneil42:2634:0280.2%22
Jake Harrison38:3934:2689.1%21
James Bolton34:3234:32100%20

Results July 2018

Date Harrier Race Time Position Notes
7th JulyAndy PikeOxford Pakrun20:4838th
7th JulyJake HarrisonWitney Parkrun19:254th
7th JulyAlan HarrisonWitney Parkrun22:4926th
14th JulyAndy PikeOxford Pakrun20:3231st
14th JulyJake HarrisonHarcourt Hill Parkrun18:522nd
14th JulyRalf ArneilHarcourt Hill Parkrun20:5115th
14th JulyValérie Berryman BousquetLulworth Cove Trail Half2:40:40138/290
14th JulySophie CarterRace To The Stones (100k)10:00:467/8952nd Lady / 7th Overall
15th JulyKevin GameRace To The Stones (50k)5:29:338/1605th V40 / 8th Overall
29th JulyDan EisenhandlerShow me the money Marathon3:54:346/35PB

Mota-Vation Race 4 Combe II – Thursday 26th July 2018

The heat had threatened the delay of the race with forecasts of 30c. However, cloud cover and a breeze brought the temperature down to a positively chilly 28c and the officials decided the race would start on time. 13 Harriers assembled to race with Carey as lead cyclist and Mike as a tail cyclist. The heat and drag of Bolton’s lane twice took it’s toll on all runners but the Harriers battled on and did the club proud. Thank you to Carey and Mike, supporters who cheered us on, and the members for turning out in very difficult conditions on a tough course. Winning Times: 22:22 (Men) / 25:42 (Women) | Number of finishers: 317  | ResultsPictures by Barry Cornelius

Position Name Time Category Notes
20James BOLTON00:24:41VM404
42David CANTWELL00:26:16VM504
54Hans Price00:27:01VM4013
68Rob LINELL00:27:39VM4019
75David WATKINSON00:27:44VM5011
87Ralf ARNEIL00:28:26VM4022
131Sonnie JANE00:30:33SM48
133Anne VISSERS00:30:38SL11
136Will HUDSON00:30:38VM4029
151Neil PREDDY00:31:20VM5027
191Adrian SMITH00:34:05VM4038
218Zoe WHITE00:35:50VL4513
240Paula BOOTH00:37:07VL4520

Hornton 6 – Saturday 21st July 2018

Winning Times: 35:26 (Men) / 39:27 (Women) | Number of finishers: 156  | Results | Pictures by Barry Cornelius

Position Harrier Time
2James Bolton36:061st V40
11Dave Cantwell38:002nd V50
27Kevin Game40:43
66Will Hudson46:29
72Lucy Dunn47:56
74Jake Harrison48:18
98Jess Ward52:11
Handicap times and scores:
Harrier Actual Time Handicap Time Handicap Percentage Points
Dave Cantwell38:0033:4788.925
Will Hudson46:2534:3574.924
Kevin Game40:4334:4185.223
Lucy Dunn47:5635:3174.122
James Bolton36:0636:0610021

Adderbury Three Spires Half Marathon – Sunday 8th July 2018

Paula, Kevin and Zoe took on the tough Three Spires Half marathon at Adderbury in the searing heat. Winning Times: 1:22:44 (Men) / 1:40:43 (Women) | Number of finishers: 199  | Results 

Position Harrier Time
8Kevin Game1:33:41
43Zoe White2:09:33
54Paula Booth2:16:58

Didcot 5 – Sunday 1st July 2018

Six harriers coped well with the 80 degree temperatures with Jake Harrison – short of training recently due to work commitments, leading us home just outside the 30-minute mark. Father Alan finished only 20 seconds outside a p.b. to secure maximum Club Handicap points and take the lead in the competition after 7 of the 17 designated races. Winning Times: 27:32 (Men) / 30:00 (Women) | Number of finishers: 258  | ResultsPictures by Barry Cornelius

Position Harrier Time Notes
19Jake Harrison30:25
42Rob Webster32:235th V50
67Ralf Arneil34:03
79Alan Harrison34:55
95Will Hudson36:34
136Adrian Smith40:02

Handicap times and scores:

Name Time Time Decimal Handicap% Handicap Time Handicap Time Points
Alan Harrison34:55:0034.91775.30%26.29426:18:0025
Jake Harrison30:25:0030.41789.10%27.10127:06:0024
Ralf Arneil34:03:0034.0580.20%27.30827:18:0023
Will Hudson36:34:0036.56774.90%27.38827:23:0022
Rob Webster32:23:0032.38387.40%28.30228:18:0021
Adrian Smith40:02:0040.03372.80%29.14429:09:0020

Results June 2018

Date Harrier Race Time Position Notes
13th JuneJason BarryCirencester Park 10k36:226th1st V40
20th JuneRalf ArneilHumph's Hilly Half1:35:2924/117PB - 6th V40
21st JuneAndy BattyeGrindleford Fell race42:5177/2941st V60
23rd JuneJason BarryBristol & West Night of the Fast 5ks17:265th

Mota-Vation Race 3 Combe I – Thursday 29th June 2018

The heat and the football did it’s best to deter runners from the joys of the first Combe Mota-Vation. However 15 hardy Harriers (including 3 magnificent marshals) did the club proud and stayed the course. Sophie won the ladies race, Dave grabbed a 2nd V50 spot. All performed admirably and the beer at the end was hard-earned, let’s hope the next one isn’t as warm! Winning Times: 20:23 (Men) / 24:33 (Women) | Number of finishers: 300  | ResultsPictures by Barry Cornelius

Position Name Time Category Cat Pos Notes
28David CANTWELL00:23:14VM5022nd V50
45Sophie CARTER00:24:33VL3511st Women
55David WATKINSON00:25:03VM507
74Rob Webster00:25:52VM5012
83Ralf ARNEIL00:26:29VM4027
103Sonnie JANE00:27:23SM37
117Anne VISSERS00:27:49SL9
126Lucy DUNN00:28:03SL13
133Neil PREDDY00:28:19VM5024
187Adrian SMITH00:30:49VM4047
215Paula BOOTH00:32:52VL4520

Thame 10k – Sunday 24th June 2018

5 Harriers battled the heat at the Thame 10k. Sophie won the ladies race, Dave finished 3rd V50. 

Winning time 33:37 (Men) / 39:58 (Women) | Number of finishers: 880 | ResultsPictures by Barry Cornelius

Position Harrier Time Notes
16Dave Cantwell37:073rd V50
49Sophie Carter39:581st Women
84Alan Harrison42:26
143Neil Preddy45:08
159Will Hudson45:49

Banbury 5 – Tuesday 12th June 2018

Report from Mike:Highlights of the evening at Banbury Academy were a 3rd V50 place for Dave Cantwell and a personal best from Ralf Arneil. All 5 male team members acquitted themselves well. No female Harriers took part.

Winning time 25:30 (Men) / 31:21 (Women) | Number of finishers: 355 | ResultsPictures by Barry Cornelius

Harrier Position Time Notes
Dave Cantwell2829:58:003rd V50
Ralf Arneil8333:19:00PB
Alan Harrison12535:00:00
Will Hudson16236:40:00
Neil Preddy17537:04:00
Handicap times and scores:
Harrier Actual Time Handicap Time Handicap Percentage Points

Otmoor Challenge – Saturday 2nd June 2018

The customary Otmoor hot weather made going very tough but all 7 Harriers came through despite minor overheating problems. Dave Cantwell took 1st V50 honours whilst Rachel Masser finished 2nd female. It was great to have our overseas member Torstein Skaara in the team doing so well six days prior to his 60th birthday. Winning Times: 1:20:57 (Men) /1:34:28 (Women) | Number of finishers: 283  | ResultsPictures by Barry Cornelius

Position Name Time Notes
7Dave Cantwell1:28:151st V50
18Rachel Masser1:35:452nd Female
52Alan Harrison1:46:07
57Lucy Dunn1:48:19
67Leo Brooke-Little1:50:11
69Torstein Skaara1:50:13
192Paula Booth2:15:15

Results May 2018

Date Harrier Race Time Position Notes
7th MaySophie CarterCharlgrove 10k39:5114/3761st Lady
9th MayLeonie IngramSilverstone 10k50:04742/1657PB
26th MayAndy BattyeKirkcudbright Academy Half Marathon1:39:4924/1352nd V60
31st MayJason BarryPilot Inn 5k17:356th1st V45

Mota-Vation Race 2 Bletchingdon – Thursday 31st May 2018

15 Harriers assembled in Bletchingdon despite the best efforts of Thor (thunder version, not Hemsworth)It remained humid for the race with some slight drizzle towards the end. After seeing the deluge that followed the race I think it was perfectly timed with the 15 minute earlier start than usual; maybe Michael Collins has connections.. I just don’t know. James was our first home in 13th overall and 4th V40. Dave C had a great run to finish 2nd v50. Sophie was our first lady home in 51st overall and 2nd Lady. Anne had a brilliant debut run for the club, with Lucy and Sophie completing the team our Ladies finished 4th overall and our men were 10th. Winning Times: 22:39 (Men) / 25:42 (Women) | Number of finishers: 356  | ResultsPictures by Barry Cornelius

Position Name Time Category Cat Pos Notes
13James BOLTON24:25VM40410th Mens Team
33David CANTWELL25:36VM50210th Mens Team
51Sophie CARTER26:45VL3524th Ladies Team
64David WATKINSON27:10VM50710th Mens Team
90Ralf ARNEIL28:19VM402810th Mens Team
106Sonnie JANE29:16SM3610th Mens Team
108Alan HARRISON29:31VM502110th Mens Team
114Kevin GAME29:41VM4033
127Rob LINELL30:22VM4039
136Anne VISSERS30:42SL94th Ladies Team
138Will HUDSON30:45VM4042
146Lucy DUNN31:01SL124th Ladies Team
165Neil PREDDY32:01VM5035
187Adrian SMITH33:13VM4048
297Nicola LEAVESLEY39:55VL3526

Bluebell Time-Trial – Thursday 24th May 2018

9 Harriers turned up for the first Bluebell Time-Trial in Pinsley Wood. The recent heavy rain had made the going softer than expected through the woods, which added to the ‘technical’ element of the run. The course was a 1.8 – 2 mile (poor gps coverage in the wood!) lap of the wood, it had lots of twists, turns, trees and roots to navigate. Race founder/organiser/time-keeper/chief clipboard holder Adrian assembled us at the start line and gave us our starting positions. We were given a handicap start time (a delayed start time behind the runner in front of you; worked out according to fastest 10k times) i.e. Paula started the TT first and then 1 minute 35 seconds later Gilly started her race and so on. Dan came home first, followed by Neil, and then Sonnie in third. However.. ‘Honest Dan’ couldn’t take the victory as he confessed that he had taken a wrong turn and had missed a section of the course. The win was awarded to Neil. The handicap times/formula needs tweaking slightly for the next race but the inaugural Bluebell TT was well received by those who took part. The pub afterwards was the perfect end to a new and (hopefully) occurring event.

Harrier Handicap Lap Time Elapsed Time Position
Neil Preddy3:0914:250:17:341st
Sonnie Jane4:2613:190:17:452nd
Lucy Dunn3:5514:360:18:313rd
Cyrus Mower4:1314:320:18:454th
Paula Booth1:3417:240:18:585th
James Bolton7:2613:190:20:456th
Gillian Howell3:0917:580:21:077th
Steve Howell4:0417:040:21:088th
Dan Eisenhandler3:0713:520:16:59DNF

Town and Gown 10k – Sunday 13th May 2018

4 Harriers took on the Town and Gown 10k. Jess finished 2nd lady, Ralf and Alan grabbed PBs and Lucy ran round with her friend. Jess Webb 36:53 2nd Lady Ralf Arneil 41:05 PB Alan Harrison 42:01 PB Lucy Dunn 51:24

Results April 2018

Oxfordshire Road Relays – Sunday 29th April 2018

On a cold, grey and windy Sunday, 15 Harriers assembled in Abingdon for the Oxfordshire Road Relays. Our teams were: Ladies – Sue, Lucy, Sophie Men A – Kevin, James, Jake, Dave C, David W, Greg Men B – Sonnie, Alan, Bryan, Will, Adrian, Rob W Everyone ran superbly and did the club proud. Our Ladies finished 6th out of 25 teams, our Men ‘A’ finished 7th out of 22 teams. Sophie was the fastest Vet Lady leg on the day. Thank you to Mike for marshalling and supporting the club. ResultsPictures by Barry Cornelius

Mota-Vation Race 1 Charlton-on-Otmoor – Thursday 26th April 2018

Report from Mike: After a slight hiccup in proceedings following a car crash on the course, the event got away some 15 minutes late over an amended course of 5.2 miles. Fifteen Club members took part with awards going to James Bolton (1st V40), Sophie Carter (2nd Female)  &  Dave Cantwell (3rd V50). Winning Times: 27:24 (Men) / 31:20 (Women) | Number of finishers: 412  | ResultsPictures by Barry Cornelius An anomaly has been discovered with the results, some runners chip times are the same as their gun times. I have contact Tempo events but so far they have not rectified the results – Sonnie

Position Name Time Notes
4James Bolton (V40)28:481st V40
33Dave Cantwell (V50)30:483rd V50
60Sophie Carter (LV35)32:202nd Female
73Kevin Game (V40)32:52
78Rob Linnell (V40)33:08
82David Watkinson (V40)33:16
102Ralf Arneil (V40)34:16
138Andy Pike (V40)36:09
150Sonnie Jane (SM) 36:41
161Alan Harrison (V50)37:09
196Lucy Dunn (SL)38:08
203Will Hudson (V40)38:12
204Neil Preddy (V50)38:53
242Adrian Smith (V40)41:21
269Zoe White (LV45)42:33

White Horse Half Marathon – Sunday 8th April 2018

Report from Mike: On an ideal day for running, with cool air and light rain, the usual suspects, most of whom were suffering from aches, pains and colds, represented the Club with honour. James Bolton and Dave Cantwell took honours in both Open and County competitions and everyone else gave of their best. It was, however, disappointing to see such a small Club turn-out for a prestigious County Championship race.

Winning time 1:10:59 (Men) / 1:25:18 (Women) | Number of finishers: 457 | Results

Harrier Position Time Notes
James Bolton (V40) 31:16:091st V40 Open & County
Dave Cantwell (V50)221:24:402nd V50 Open & County
Kevin Game (V40) 341:28:13
Alan Harrison (V50) 811:36:35
Neil Preddy (V50) 2101:49:56
Zoe White (LV45) 2131:50:21
Paula Booth (LV45) 2841:57:23PB
Handicap times and scores:
Harrier Actual Time Handicap Time Handicap Percentage Points
A. Harrison1:36:351:12.4475.324
J. Bolton1:16:091:16.0910020

Results March 2018

Date Harrier Race Time Position Notes
11th MarchSonnie JaneMilton Keynes 202:44:48251/939PB
11th MarchSusan HainesWitney Parkrun33:02104/2051st V60
11th MarchCarey GrayWitney Parkrun28:5868/205
11th MarchAndy BattyeDentdale (14.2 miles)1:49:37109/420
24th MarchRalf ArneilWitney Parkrun22:116/1591st V40
24th MarchWill HudsonWitney Parkrun30:0566/159Running with his son
24th MarchSusan HainesWitney Parkrun34:29101/1592nd V60
30th MarchJess WebbMaidenhead Easter 1061:4591/1239PB - 6th Female
31st MarchSophie CarterAnglo-Celtic Plate 100k8:29:422nd FemaleEngland team winners

Results February 2018

Date Harrier Race Time Position Notes
4th FebruaryColin TraviPortsmouth Coastal Half2:07:01507/807
11th FebruaryMike Shipway (V70)York Parkrun30:25367/5031st V75-79
11th FebruaryRalf ArneilBramley 202:44:02283/684Pictures by Barry Corneilus
18th FebruaryDave Cantwell (V50)Wokingham Half 1:22:43151/1864
18th FebruaryGreg SimmondsWokingham Half 1:22:51156/1865PB
23rd FebruaryJames LeavesleyTransgrandcanaria (125K)19:11:52133/679Over 7k of climbing!

Oxford Mail XC Race 4 Swindon – Sunday 4th February 2018

After a couple of days of heavy rain it was always going to be a bit soft for round 4 of the XC at Lawns Park in Swindon. The prospect of soft ground and a biting east wind didn’t deter the hardiest of Harriers. 10 men and 3 ladies made the journey and did the club proud. Men Our men set off first on 1 small lap followed by 3 long laps. Instantly you could tell it was going to be a struggle, the first 50 meters going across lumpy, waterlogged marshland. 2 notable climbs, some tight turns and change of directions; and heavy, shin-deep mud made up the rest of the lap. Finally, a proper cross-country challenge. Ladies Sue, Jess and Lucy made our ladies team. A slightly shorter course for the ladies but with the same challenges and added difficulty of those pesky men churning up the mud some more! A huge thank you to those that turned up to represent the club. It was cold, it was tough, it’s a good distance away; and we still managed to run 2 solid teams and score vital points. Winning time 31:51 (Men) / 26:05 (Women) | Number of finishers: 219/135 

ResultsPictures by Barry Cornelius 

Position Name Time Notes
10James Bolton V4033:593rd V40
11Jake Harrison34:10
35Jason Barry V4036:25
48Dave Cantwell V5037:013rd V50
51Greg Simmonds37:06
83Rob Linell V4039:03
130David Watkinson V5042:29
141Sonnie Jane43:13
185Will Hudson V4048:49
195Adrian Smith V4049:53
3Jess Webb26:28
44Lucy Dunn32.25
91Sue Cantwell37:35

Results January 2018

Farnborough Half Marathon – Sunday 21st January 2018

James, Dave and Greg ran at Farnborough Half Marathon on Sunday in deep snow over a hilly course and all acquitted themselves well. Due to an admin error James was not included in the results but he came 4th and 1st V40. Dave was 3rd V50.
James Bolton (V40)     4     1:16:33     1st V40
Dave Cantwell (V50)  32    1:23:30     3rd V50
Greg Simmonds (SM) 41    1:24:40
Winning Times: 1:12:12 (men) / 1:22:52 (women)
Number of finishers: 1611

Oxford Mail XC Race 3 Adderbury – Sunday 8th January 2018

It was a bright and chilly day at the third race of the series (also incorporating the county champs). The ground started frosty but after a couple of the young’uns races it had become a bit squishy and soft in places. The terrain was a mixture of fields with a steady incline on the lap. Not too difficult by XC standards, but after the indulgence of Christmas it was a wake up. Men 9 men represented the club. James lead us home in 9th place, followed by Jake in 24th, Greg 59th, Dave C 64th, Rob L 86th, Rob W 90th, Sonnie 181st and Adrian in 262nd. (David W DNF with injury). A fantastic effort from everyone. The men finished 3rd team on the day and that leaves us still top of the table in Division 2 overall! Ladies Our ladies team of 3 was Sophie, Jess and Lucy. Sophie leading the way in 3rd,  Jess 3 seconds behind her in 4th! Lucy continued her excellent form finishing 54th and ensuring the team finished 1st on the day and 3rd overall. A brilliant run from our strong ladies team, we need the ladies out in force for the next races at Swindon and Farmoor! *The results are still provisional* Winning time 31:12 (Men) / 25:15 (Women) | Number of finishers: 291/208 

ResultsPictures by Barry Cornelius 

Position Name Time Notes
9James Bolton V4033:002nd V40
24Jake Harrison34:43
59Greg Simmonds36:45
64Dave Cantwell V5036:48
86Rob Linell V4038:05
90Rob Webster V5038:25
181Sonnie Jane43:08
262Adrian Smith V4050:13
3Sophie Carter25.53
4Jess Webb25.56
54Lucy Dunn30:54