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Dominic Croft Milestone December 2020

Dominic started recording running mileage on 1 Jan 1979 and completed 100,000 miles on 19 December 2020 (average of c.10.5km per day for 42 years).

61 races of Marathon or longer; with 18 first places, 6 second places and 11 third places (57% of races in first three)

11x Marathon wins out of 45 races (including Isle of Wight 5 times) – won last 7 marathons outright
4x 50km wins out of 6 races (including AAA of England champion); with other 2 races being 2nd in World Trophy and 2nd in European Championships
2x 100km wins out of 8 races (both British Championships); and 2 bronze performances in British Championships (also 16th in European Championships and 27th in World Championships)
25th in notoriously tough Marathon des Sables
10 British / England vests (including the captain of England on 4 occasions)