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Results 2019

Results December 2019

Augustow Parkrun – Sunday 28 December

Ralf returned to Poland to make it his second win on this tough course in cold conditions which you can read about in his own words below!

Ralf Arneil             1           21:30    

“It was -2 and windy, I ran in my Woodstock Harriers hoodie as it was so bitterly cold. The course is amazing yet only a handful of people turn up to this event. I won! That’s 2/2 wins at this parkrun, will have to train for the treble in the summer….”

Hook Norton Christmas Canter – Sunday 15 December

Simon and Rob both had an excellent go at this challenging yet beautiful Christmas run around the fields of Hook Norton. Simon just missed out on the top 10 which we’re sure he’ll make next year!
Simon Tucker (SM)             11          52:26
Rob Webster (V50)             21          55:57
Winning times: 44:58 (men) / 54:15 (women)
Number of finishers: 227

|Full results | Pictures by Barry Cornelius |

Andy Reading 10k – Sunday 8 December

On a very windy day, particularly across the airfield section, Liz O’Farrell and Susan Haines acquitted themselves well Susan slicing 6 minutes from her previous 2018/19 10K best at Eynsham last year.
Liz O’Farrell (LV35)       136      49:23
Susan Haines (LV55)    181      52:32
Winning times:  33:08 (men) / 37:30 (women)
Number of finishers: 290
Official results and pics by Barry Cornelius below:

OXON XC Race 2 – Cirencester – Sunday 1 December

Well done to all those who took part at Cirencester. A good turnout for both teams again which is great to see. Jess produced a brilliant performance coming 5th overall in the women’s race. James also had a good day out coming 2nd V40 in the men’s race. 
Results              Senior & Veteran Men
James Bolton (V40)         13              36:30    2nd V40
Jason Barry (V40)            68              39:39
Hans Price (V40)              84              40:35
Dave Cantwell (V50)        99               41:26
Simon Tucker (Senior)     134             43:11
Rob Webster (V50)          143             43:53
Ian MacLeod (Senior)      198             46:56
Kevin Game (V40)            201            47:15
Carey Gray (V60)             243             50:50
Winning time: 34:01         Number of finishers: 302
Results                Senior & Veteran Women
Jess Webb (LV35)           5                  30:30
Lucy Dunn  (Senior)       62                  37:58
Susan Haines (LV55)    113                 41:23
Paula Booth  (LV45)      162                 49:50
Winning time: 29:30   Number of finishers:  175

Results November 2019

EnduranceLife Dorset Ultramarathon – Saturday 30th November

Georgette Broughton gave a terrific performance over this 34.5 mile ultramarathon with 8,645 ft of total ascent. (see her report below)

Position:                    52nd
Time:                         08:10:00   7th female
Number of finishers: 130
Georgette’s Report:
The 35 mile EnduranceLife Dorset Ultra is, quite simply, unique. This is the only location on the planet where, in a few short hours of trail running on the Jurassic Coast Path, you will travel through a few million years of earth time – all with the ocean has a glorious, blue, backdrop. But yes, those years are represented in hills…  
I probably ignored the section the on the website that marked this event as ‘Level 5’ (the highest) and ‘extreme terrain’, and (being originally from the Midlands) remained blissfully ignorant of the geography of Dorset. This race was HARD. Over 35 miles, you climb an elevation that is greater than Ben Nevis and Snowdon combined, with its own mix of suitable scramble (up and down), mud, and beach running. But, as my fourth EnduranceLife Ultra, I wasn’t too surprised. These events pride themselves on their craggy coastal paths, and this was no exception. As the last day in November, there was a cold sea-wind, though it remained blissfully dry. The first 8 miles featured rolling downs, not too dissimilar in terrain to Woodstock and the surrounding area, before the big ascents started. The middle portion was just a scramble up and down, before Brandy, Hobarrow and Kimeridge Bay gave my calves and quads a little respite – and a chance to consistently run! One thing I love about the EnduranceLife events is the camaraderie amongst the mid-pack runners. You pull each other through, share snacks and, for this route, pull each other out of the mud. But, returning back to the hills for the second time (it was, more-or-less, a figure of eight run), I was starting to feel the effects of exhaustion and struggled to get enough fuel in as I approached the last section. The last check-point is, teasingly, at the finish, and I had never been so glad to see a pint of coke and a doughnut as I was before embarking on the last 6 miles. This was one of the best parts though – I’d fallen in with five other solo runners, and we dragged each other up and over the last 1000m ascents and through to the finish. I was, quite honestly, just pleased to finish in daylight! However, crossing the line as 52/130 (7th female) in 08:10hrs was the icing on the cake. 
So, next time you’re running up William’s Hill, consider that at least you didn’t have to do that for 35 miles! 

Eynsham 10km – Sunday 24 November

David Watkinson ran a brilliant PB whilst Simon Tucker ran a debut 10K for the Club. Jess Webb has a great race finishing 2nd lady and Rachel Masser both finished second in their respective age groups. 
Name & Age Cat               Position     Time          Narrative
James Bolton (V40)                 8          33:55        2nd V40
David Watkinson (V50)           48         37:58        PB
Jess Webb (LV35)                  52         38:03        2nd female
Rachel Masser (LV45)            89         39:52        2nd LV45
Simon Tucker (SM)                 93         40:29        Debut 10K – PB
Will Hudson (V40)                 239         46:58
Lucy Dunn (SL)                     253         47:29
Zoe White (LV45)                  321         50:27
Adrian Smith (V40)                347        51:30
Paula Booth (LV45)               436        55:36
winning times:  32:00 (men) / 37:25 (women)
Number of finishers: 560

Keswick Park Run – Saturday 9th November

Mike Shipway produced a stellar performance for his first timed run in over two years!

Position:                    80th
Time:                         29:42   1st V75-79
Winning times:          15:48 (men) / 22:51 (women)
Number of finishers: 128 | Full results |

OXON XC Race 1 – Bicester Heritage – Sunday 3rd November

Under 9s
Daniel Smith made an encouraging debut in the Woodstock vest finishing 30th from 49 starters.
Senior & Veteran Men
An excellent turnout for this season’s inaugural race saw James Bolton leading home our team of 12. There were useful debuts by Simon Tucker and Ian MacLeod. Unfortunately Harry Earl had a bilious attack during the race and was forced to pull out.
17      James Bolton (V40)           32:18
88      Dave Cantwell (V50)         35:39
94      David Watkinson (V50)    35:48
115    Hans Price (V40)                36:42
164    Rob Webster (V50)            38:27
166    Kevin Game (V40)             38:33
189    Simon Tucker (SM)           39:14
202    Ian MacLeod (SM)            39:51
238    Carey Gray (V60)              41:45
250    Andy Pike (V50)                42:06
277     Neil Preddy (V50)             44:23
300    Adrian Smith (V40)          46:26
Winning time: 30:07. Number of finishers: 345
Senior & Veteran Women
Despite losing Jess Webb early on with a sickness attack the remaining team of 5 all ran well with debutante Georgette Broughton making a promising start.
73     Lucy Dunn (SL)                      31:47
75     Georgette Broughton (SL)    32:06
106   Sue Cantwell (LV45)             33:16
161   Susan Haines (LV55)             35:38
192   Paula Booth (LV45)               38:04
Winning time: 25:31   Number of finishers: 234

Results October 2019

Ascott-under-Wychwood 10K – Sunday 27th October

David and Bryan tackled the challenging off-road 10K with David finishing in the top 10 and Bryan running well to finish 1st V60. 
David Watkinson         (V50)            8          44:17       
Bryan Vaughan            (V60)            19          48:05   1st V60
Winning times:  40:34 (men) / 49:37 (women)
Number of finishers: 63 | Full results |Pictures by Barry Cornelius

Great South Run – Sunday 20th October

Roger Bradley and Jess Webb ran in the popular Great South Run on Sunday. Jess ran in the elite women category against some top athletes. 
Jess Webb            20          1:04:13
Roger Bradley      1376      1:15:22
 Winning times:  46:58(men) / 51:38 (women)

Cologne Marathon – Sunday 13th October

Typical Jake style he went off too hard and suffered from Mile 19 onwards. He’ll do the sub-3 one day.

Jake Harrison – 508 – 03:28:36

Munich Marathon – Sunday 13th October

Adrian ran the Munich marathon on Sunday, despite it being a toasty 25 degrees he managed to still finish in a great time. 
Adrian Smith       (V40)     2244         4:13:31

Oxford Half Marathon – Sunday 13th October

It was an extremely wet day for a half with heavy rain all day. Nevertheless, Rob L and Rich took on the water! Rob finished in a respectable sub 90 minutes after a long injury recovery. Rich volunteered for pacing duties and paced runners to a 2.30 finish.
Rob Linell       (V45)     192          1:28:31
Rich Gibbs                                      2:30:16

Chester Marathon – Sunday 6th October

Rachel Masser took another 8 minutes off her previous club record and finished 2nd LV45 and 12th female at the Chester Marathon.
Rachel Masser       (V45)                  3:12:40       2nd V45

Cardiff Half Marathon – Sunday 6th October

Paula Booth travelled to Cardiff to do the Cardiff Half and finished in a brilliant time of just over 2 hours.
Paula Booth       (V50)     4801          2:00:37       2nd V40

Hanney 5 – Sunday 6th October

Despite James’ injury and Dave’s recent illness both clocked creditable times and were given valuable support by Dan and Adrian whilst Susan sliced over 4 minutes from her 2018 mark. 
James Bolton         (V40)            007          27:71       2nd V40
Dave Cantwell        (V50)            029          31:14
Dan Eisenhandler (V50)            094          37:07
Adrian Smith          (V40)            108          38:05
Susan Haines          (LV55)          180          43:40
Winning times:  25:38(men) / 31:08 (women)
Number of finishers: 263 | Full results |Pictures by Barry Cornelius

Results September 2019

LG Trail – Saturday 21st September

Jake’s first ultra: 53km across the Swiss Jura finishing in beautiful Geneva. 

Jake Harrison    41    06:16:54

Woodstock 12 – Saturday 14th September

James Bolton completed yet another impressive victory giving him an amazing 8th Oxon Road Race Grand Prix victory in a row. Rachel Masser also put in a strong performance to take 2nd overall female honours whilst the evergreen Andy Battye missed out on 1st V60 honours by just 3 seconds.
James Bolton (V40)       001     68:05   Race Winner
 Rachel Masser (LV45)  022     83:17    2nd female
Dave Cantwell (V50)      026     84:48
Andy Battye (V60)          046     91:13    2nd V60
Alan Harrison (V50)      056     93:42
Adrian Smith (V40)        075     99:35
Leo Brooke-Little (V50) 115      111:49
Paula Booth (LV45)         132     118:46
Winning times:  68:05 (men) / 82:10 (women)
Number of finishers: 160 | Full results |Pictures by Barry Cornelius

Cotswold Classic 10 – Saturday 8th September

It was a 1,2 finish for the Harriers with James and Harry taking first and second places. 
James Bolton (V40)            1        55:02     1st
Harry Earl                             2       55:20
Alan Harrison (V50)           99     1:14:46
Dan Eisenhandler (V50)    158   1:16:01
Neil Preddy V50)                 173   1:21:45
Lucy Dunn (SL)                   179   1:22:21
Adrian Smith                        240  1:27:44
Paula Booth                          296   1:33:20
Winning times:  55:02 (men) / 1:04:41 (women)
Number of finishers: 336 | Full results |Pictures by Barry Cornelius

Cotswold Trail Half-Marathon – Sunday 1st September

Lucy, Ralf and David Watkinson took on the challenging Cotswold Trail Half at Sudeley Castle. Ralf reports: It was a very challenging course over constantly changing mostly rough ground. I don’t think there were any flat sections at all! Having said that it was a good race and well organised for its first year.

David Watkinson            25    1:44:45      3rd V50
Ralf Arneil                       80    1:58:10
Lucy Dunn                       149  2:07:29


Results August 2019

Mota-Vation race 5 – Stratfield – Thursday 29th August

Report from Mike: It was another disappointing turnout at the final Mota-Vation race with one V40 and seven V50 male participants plus Lucy Dunn our sole female. Congratulations to James Bolton, who finished 4th on the day, taking 1st V40 series honours. Dave Cantwell, on holiday in Australia, earned the series 3rd V50 prize.
James Bolton (V40)            4        21:04     2nd V40
David Watkinson (V50)     46      24:40
Rob Webster (V50)             69      25:34
Dan Eisenhandler (V50)    98      27:06
Andy Pike (V50)                  108     27:49
Leo Brooke-Little (V50)     136     28:18
Alan Harrison (V50)           137     28:18
Neil Preddy V50)                 168     29:38
Lucy Dunn (SL)                    177     29:58
Winning times:  20:45 (men) /24:43 (women)
Number of finishers: 336 | Full results |Pictures by Barry Cornelius

Gilberdyke 10 – Sunday 25th August

Andy Battye ran the Gilberdyke 10 and did superbly to finish 4th V60 in near 30 degree heat. 

Andy Battye                    92        1:15:32
Winning times:  56:04 (men) /60:08 (women)
Number of finishers: 419 | Full results 

Headington 5 – Sunday 25th August

James Bolton won his 6th Oxon Road Race Grand Prix event in a row winning by over a minute. Susan Haines was 45 seconds faster than her time last year.
J. Bolton (V40)                  1     26:37  Race Winner
R. Arneil (V40)                85    34:26
A.Harrison (V50)           114    36:13
D.Eisenhandler (V50)   119    36:06
N.Preddy (V50)             162     38:46
Z.White (LV45)              245    42:29
P.Booth (LV45)             271      43:44
S.Haines (LV55)           309     46:05
Winning times:  26:37 (men) /30:45 (women)
Number of finishers: 441 | Full results |Pictures by Barry Cornelius

Isle of Wight Half Marathon – Sunday 18th August

Dave Cantwell ran the rolling Isle of Wight Half while visiting family. Despite the challenging course he finished 19th overall and 3rd V50; when asked at the finish by his son-in-law if he would do it again, Dave replied ‘NO!’ 
David Cantwell  19th    1:26:27   3rd V50
Winning times:  1:14:18 (men) / 1:28:10 (women)
Number of finishers: 276 | Full results |

Alchester 5k – Wednesday 14th August

For the 5th time in a row in an Oxford Road Race Grand Prix series fixture, it was the evergreen James Bolton who crossed the line first. Leading from the start and holding off a strong challenge from Bedford & County athlete Andrew Headley, James clocked a useful 16:03. Second Claim athlete Jason Barry also impressed and there were personal bests from David Watkinson, Simon Tucker & Lucy Dunn.
Name                                     Position            Time
James Bolton (V40)                    1                       16:03   Race Winner
Jason Barry (V40)                      29                     18:04   2nd Claim
Dave Cantwell (V50)                  36                     18:21
David Watkinson (V50)            47                      19:10   pb
Rob Webster (V50)                    58                      19:50              
Simon Tucker (SM)                    67                      20:25  pb
Alan Harrison (V50)                  88                      21:49
Neil Preddy (V50)                      105                     22:41
Adrian Smith (V40)                   114                     23:10
Lucy Dunn (SL)                         125                      23:38  pb


Winning times:  16:03 (men) / 17:58 (women)
Number of finishers: 210 | Full results |

Askern 10 – Sunday 11th August

Andy Battye ran the Askern 10 near Doncaster on Sunday, following his current strong form he finished 4th V60.
Andy Battye  90th   73:16   4th V60
Winning times:  55:14 (men) / 60:03 (women)
Number of finishers: 396 | Full results |

Burnham Beeches 10K – Sunday 11th August

Jess Webb ran the challenging Burnham Beeches 10k on Sunday and finished in a great 2nd female and 12th overall position.
Jess Webb   12th    39:25   2nd female
Winning times:  34:58 (men) / 39:13 (women)
Number of finishers: 606 | Full results |

Augustow Parkrun (Poland) – Saturday 10th August

Ralf ran the local Parkrun while on his holiday in Poland, taking the international win for the Harriers! Ralf’s report:

Augustow parkrun is a small event but in an amazing location. The course runs alongside a lake and is essentially two out and backs from a central start/finish. About twenty people turned up. After a welcome from the race director we were off. The run started at 7m/m and happy in third we started to go up a gentle hill to the first turn at 1m. On the hill, without changing effort I had moved into first and was now, after 0.5m, into unknown territory. I went round the turn and was maybe 25m in the lead. Great, I think? Are they going to catch me? Did I go off too quick? Doubts and more doubts crept in. Back down the hill and through the start I just ran, oddly with no-one in front, and had no idea so just thought to keep on the pressure and not do anything silly, didn’t dare look back. The second turn came at around 2.4m so I got a look at second place. He was still 25m behind. Oh no, I was hoping for a bit more of a lead. Right, this is it, decision time….do you want it or no? Decision made I ran back as fast as I could manage, kept it at full tilt. This was my first and probably only shot at a win, might not happen ever again, not going to give it up; 800m on the Marlborough track, last bit of pyramids, one more hill, dig in, etc – just used every reference I know to give it everything, 400m straight line to the finish – it’s going to happen just don’t fall over. Arms! Breathe!….. Woah, I just got given the 001 token and a ‘congratulacja!’ Ha, done it, no-one can take this one away from me now, nice. To put this into perspective, I know 20:33 isn’t setting the world on fire for a 5k but I’m over the moon to take this win. Pick your battles, choose them wisely and don’t give up! 

Hooky 6 – Sunday 4th August

Well done to the three Harriers who took part today in what was another disappointing turnout for the Club. James bagged yet another victory by over a minute leading from gun to tape; Neil ran his usual strong race and it was great to see Mel racing for the first time in 5 years.
James Bolton (V40)       1    32:32   Race Winner
Neil Preddy (V50)         91   46:20
Mel Hawkins (LV35)    116  48:05
Winning times:  32:32 (men) / 39:23 (women)
Number of finishers: 339 | Full results | Pictures by Barry Cornelius

Results July 2019

Mota-Vation Race 4 Combe II – Thursday 25th July

12 Harriers competed on the hard double loop Combe II course battling the heat. James took second place and 1st v40. Dave C ran strong to finish 3rd V50. David W had a very strong run as did Dan E. Well done to all for turning out in tough conditions.




James Bolton (V40)



1st V40

Dave Cantwell (V50)



3rd V50

David Watkinson (V50)



Dan Eisenhandler (V50)



Ralf Arneil (V40)



Leo Brooke-Little (V50)



Sarah Kerswell (LV45)



Alan Harrison (V50)



Andy Pike (V50)



Neil Preddy (V50)



Lucy Dunn (SL)



Adrian Smith (V40)



Winning times:  22:34 (men) / 27:20 (women)
Number of finishers: 264 | Full results | Pictures by Barry Cornelius

Hornton 6 – Saturday 20th July

4 Harriers braved the heat and hills for the Hornton 6 on Saturday. James ran from the front to take the win overall and 1st V40. Ralf took a chunk of time off his previous best on the course too. 
James Bolton: 1st – 33:37
Ralf Arneil: 38th – 42:59
Alan Harrison: 55th – 45:53
Neil Preddy: 70th – 48:13
Winning times:  33:37 (men) / 40:10 (women)
Number of finishers: 144 | Full results | Pictures by Barry Cornelius

Didcot 5 – Sunday 7th July

A slightly depleted Harrier team raced on the yellow brick road (path) of Didcot on Sunday. The unstoppable Mr Bolton took another race win, finishing 27 seconds ahead of 2nd place. Dave finished 3rd V50 just 17 seconds behind the 1st V50 place. 
 [dansheet file=20 sheetname=Didcot5 cell=A1:D13 theaders=”Position, Name, Time, Notes” class=”gsheets-special2″]
Winning times:  26:26 (men) / 30:17 (women)
Number of finishers: 265 | Full results | Pictures by Barry Cornelius

Results June 2019

Thame 10K – Sunday 30th June

In form James won the race overall by over a minute, Jake had a strong run to finish in the top 20, followed closely by Dave Cantwell who finished 1st V50. Lucy, Paula and Sue were our ladies finishers of the 8 Harriers that traveled to Thame. The results on the site have a rouge finisher in first place meaning all of the places are 1 out.
 [dansheet file=20 sheetname=Thame19 cell=A1:D13 theaders=”Position, Name, Time, Notes” class=”gsheets-special2″]
Winning times:  33:19 (men) / 38:31 (women)
Number of finishers: 849 | Full results | Pictures by Barry Cornelius

Mota-Vation Race 3 Combe I – Thursday 27th June

11 Harriers turned out for the first Combe Mota-Vation. The hot weather in the day persisted through the evening, making the tough course just that little bit tougher! There are some anomalies in the results (Leo not even appearing!) so please do check your result. 
 [dansheet file=20 sheetname=MotaCombe1 cell=A1:D13 theaders=”Position, Name, Time, Notes” class=”gsheets-special2″]
Winning times:  20:38 (men) / 25:02 (women)
Number of finishers: 367 | Full results | Pictures by Barry Cornelius

Freckleton Half – Sunday 16th June

Andy Battye competed in the oldest Half-marathon in the country and finished 1st V60. 
Andy Battye: 1:39:44 (109th)
Winning times:  1:10:26 (men) / 1:28:47 (women)
Number of finishers: 480

Fairford 10K – Sunday 9th June

Susan Haines took on the Fairford 10K, helping out lead the beginners and improvers classes has obviously boosted her fitness as she ran under the hour. 
Susan Haines: 59:34 (250th)
Winning times:  31:43 (men) / 38:54 (women)
Number of finishers: 346| Full results 

Otmoor Challenge Half Marathon – Saturday 8th June

There was a good turnout of Harriers running and supporting at the Otmoor Challenge on Saturday; despite the packed week of racing and threats of rain (the actual race was during a particularly sunny spell!). Dave got the 1st V50 trophy (second year in succession) and Richard Dunbabin took the 2nd V60. 
 [dansheet file=18 sheetname=OtmC cell=A1:D13 theaders=”Position, Name, Time, Notes” class=”gsheets-special2″]
Winning times:  1:18:28 (men) / 1:35:15 (women)
Number of finishers: 367 | Full results | Pictures by Barry Cornelius

Mota-Vation Race 2 Bletchingdon – Thursday 6th June

Due to the A34 being closed the week before, the Bletchingdon race had to be re-scheduled to the 6th. Well done to all the Harriers for turning out in a packed racing week!
 [dansheet file=18 sheetname=MotB cell=A1:D9 theaders=”Position, Name, Time, Notes” class=”gsheets-special2″]
Winning times:  22:51 (men) / 27:10 (women)
Number of finishers: 367 | Full results | Pictures by Barry Cornelius

Banbury 5 – Tuesday 4th June

8 Harriers made the journey north to deepest darkest Banbury for the undulating 5 mile race. James continued his excellent form with a 1st V40 win, Dave grabbed 3rd V50. Lucy was our first lady home.
 [dansheet file=18 sheetname=Ban5 cell=A1:D8 theaders=”Position, Name, Time, Notes” class=”gsheets-special2″]
Winning times:  26:04 (men) / 30:58 (women)
Number of finishers: 381 | Full results | Pictures by Barry Cornelius

Results May 2019

Kirkcudbright Half – Sunday 26th May

Andy Battye ran a strong race to finish only 16 minutes behind the leader and a huge 5 minutes ahead of 2nd place V60. 
Andy Battye: 1:38:05 (22nd)
Winning times:  1:22:59 (men) / 1:34:26 (women)
Number of finishers: 115

Town & Gown 10K – Sunday 12th May

6 Harriers took on the Oxford Town&Gown 10K on Sunday. Rob was our first home, just ahead of Jess (a brilliant 3rd female overall!). David Watkinson and Ralf also had very strong runs with both grabbing PBs, and Ralf edging closer to sub40. Delphine put up with Cyrus along the route and finishing together in just over the hour.
 [dansheet file=18 sheetname=TG cell=A1:D6 theaders=”Position, Name, Time, Notes” class=”gsheets-special2″]
Winning times:  31:41 (men) / 37:02 (women)
Number of finishers: 4480 | Full results |

Chalgrove 10K – Monday 6th May

Rachel Masser, the women on a mission to re-write the records clocked another club LV45 record at the Chalgrove 10K, finishing in 39:51!

Mota-vation race 1, Charlton-on-otmoor – Thursday 2nd May

14 Harriers turned out for the club at the first race of the series. The heavy ran in the afternoon thankfully hadn’t affected the course too much; and the threat of rain throughout the evening certainly couldn’t dampen the spirits of cheer support Sue and Sonnie. James finished in 2nd place and 1st V40, despite leading for almost all of the race he was caught in the final stretch. Dave finished 3rd V50 with another competitive run. There were notable performances from David Watkinson who grabbed maximum points in the handicap competition; and Sarah and Leo, each collecting 21 points.  Everyone ran strong and did the club proud. Hopefully the next race at Bletchingdon will be warmer! 
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Results April 2019

London Marathon – Sunday 28th April

Rachel Masser ran a steady race at London, although not her quickest time she said that she enjoyed the event and still managed to take 18 minutes off the LV45 Club record, finishing in a fantastic 3:20:48!

Ackworth Half – Monday 22nd April

Andy Battye ran the Ackworth Half Marathon on Easter Monday over an undulating course in Yorkshire and clocked 1:39:00 for 52nd place.

Maidenhead Easter 10 – Friday 19th April

James Bolton had a terrific run at the Maidenhead 10, finishing 5th overall (of over 1,000) and 1st V40 in a time of 55 minutes dead. 

County Road Relays- Sunday 14th April

Our veteran men’s A team held on in a tight finish with Headington to take gold.
James Bolton gave us a great start with the 2nd fastest leg of the day whilst Jason Barry, Dave Cantwell, Hans Price and Rob Linnell all did their bit in maintaining a lead. It was down to anchor man Rob Webster over the last 5.2K leg to hold off Headington’s Richard Skilbeck which he did comfortably getting home some 27 seconds ahead.
Rachel Masser ran the 2nd fastest leg of the day in the LV45 category with Sarah Dawson, Paula Booth and Sue Cantwell all giving valuable support in the Veteran Women’s competition finishing in 6th place.
Due to an unfortunate family accident whilst on holiday, Adrian Smith was unable to make the start so that our veteran Men’s B team was incomplete.

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Paris Marathon – Sunday 14th April

Richard Dunbabin ran the Paris Marathon finishing in an excellent time of 3:38:05. 

Brighton Marathon – Sunday 14th April

Lucy battled tough headwinds during the last few miles, but still managed it in to add another big marathon to her CV;  finishing sub 4 in 3:56:51 at Brighton. 

Manchester Marathon – Sunday 7th April

Ralf capitalised on his hard work and dedicated training at the Manchester marathon on Sunday; running a 6 minute PB to finish in 3:23:20. 

White Horse Half – Sunday 7th April

James took the race on from the gun and was never challenged winning by just under a minute to secure his second victory in the Oxon Road Race Grand Prix Series after 2 events. He is also the County Half Marathon Champion. Dave Cantwell beat his friend and “arch enemy” Rob Storey to take 1st V50 Open and County Honours. Hans Price showed that he is coming back to form whilst good support was received from Leo Brooke-Little, Neil Preddy and Zoe White our sole female representative.

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Winning times:  1:12:16 (men) / 1:24:20 (women)
Number of finishers: 504 | Full results | Pictures by Barry Cornelius

Results March 2019

Treehouse 10K – Sunday 31st March

Liz O’Farrell ran the Treehouse 10K over in Cholsey finishing in 60th place and in a time of 47:09. 

Bath Half Marathon – Sunday 17th March

Neil Preddy ran the popular Bath Half in 1:42:14 at the weekend.

Banbury 15 – Sunday 17th March

James Bolton posted an early victory in the first Oxon Road Race Grand Prix event of the year at Banbury with a very creditable 1:25:24 to win by almost 3 minutes. Dave Cantwell did his usual back-up job to secure a 2nd V50 placing whilst there was further support from Ralf Arneil, Leo Brooke-Little and Dan Eisenhandler. [dansheet file=18 sheetname=Banbury15 cell=A1:D5 theaders=”Position, Name, Time, Notes” class=”gsheets-special2″]

Winning times:  1:25:24 (men) / 1:37:09 (women)
Number of finishers: 249 | Full results | Pictures by Barry Cornelius

British Athletics Cross-Challenge (10.8km) – Saturday 9th March

Representing Oxfordshire in the British Athletics Cross Challenge over 10.8K at Prestwold Hall, Loughborough, James Bolton finished as 5th scorer from a team of 9 with the first 6 runners to count. James achieved an excellent 3rd V45 position whilst Oxfordshire were placed 21st from 32 competing teams in the 6 team competition and 8th in the 9 team contest. Team manager John Ashton believes that this is the most competitive cross-country competition of the year as it comprises mainly elite county athletes.
James Bolton, Position: 179th/293 Time: 38:01 (winning time 32:44) Age category: 3rd V45

Oxon Cross-Country League Race 5 Report – Henley Showground

This new venue for the 2018-2019 cross-country season proved to be one of the toughest for years, perhaps only rivalled by the brutal Wittenham Clumps courses of old. A mixture of slippery, uneven tracks and severe hills put everyone to the test and all 13 Harriers battled through gamely. James Bolton and Dave Cantwell took overall competition honours with James securing the V40 title and Dave taking 3rd in the V50 group. Sadly both men’s and women’s teams seem to be facing relegation due to poor attendances but, hopefully, we can address these shortcomings next time round.

Oxford Cross-Country League – Race 5 Results

MEN – Winning Time: 36:53 Number of Finishers: 250 Team position on the day: 9 th in Division 1 Overall position after 5 events: 9 th in Division 1 [dansheet file=16 sheetname=XC5 cell=A1:E10 theaders=”Position, Name, Time, Notes” class=”gsheets-special2″]

WOMEN – Winning time 34:32 Number of Finishers: 150 [dansheet file=16 sheetname=XC5 cell=A12:D14 theaders=”Position, Name, Time, Notes” class=”gsheets-special2″] Team position on the day: 10 th in Division 1 Overall position after 5 events: 10 th in Division 1



Results February 2019

 Wokingham Half Marathon – Sunday 24th February

James Bolton and Dave Cantwell were in action again this week being joined by Olympian Sarah Kerswell. Running on tired legs James and Dave performed admirably and Sarah, competing over the half marathon distance for the first time in almost 10 years, set a new personal best. [dansheet file=18 sheetname=General cell=A7:D10 theaders=”Position, Name, Time, Notes” class=”gsheets-special2″]

Winning times:  1:04:06 (men) / 1:16:51(women)
Number of finishers: 1991 | Full results

Report & Results – Bramley 10-mile – Sunday 17th February

A small but tenacious band of Harriers travelled to Bramley to take part in the popular 10-mile event achieving some excellent results.
James Bolton finished 4th overall taking 1st V40 honours whilst Dave Cantwell continued his excellent form to earn the 1st V50 prize. It was great to see Hans Price in racing trim again whilst Neil Preddy put in his usual dogged performance.
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 Lucy started the 20-mile but felt unwell after lap 1 and pulled out.


Winning times: 49:43 (men)   59:57 (women)
Number of finishers:  743

OXON XC Round 4 Adderbury – Sunday 3rd February 2019

There were a few stand out performances from the fourth round of XC at Adderbury. Lucy finished in a fantastic 35th place, James finished slightly higher up than usual in 7th, and Dave grabbed a brilliant 2nd V50 spot in 43rd. Neil and Dan finished strong close. Kevin and Adrian definitely did not fall over. Our Men’s team finished 9th in Division 1 on the day and remain in 9th in the league. Our Ladies team also finished 9th on the day and are 10th in Division 1 overall. Well done to all!

Winning Times:  31:47 (Men) / 25:30 (Women) | Number of finishers: 245/143 | ResultsPictures by Barry Cornelius – Men | Pictures by Barry Cornelius – Women [dansheet file=16 sheetname=XC4 cell=A1:D15 theaders=”Position, Name, Time, Notes” class=”gsheets-special2″]

Results January 2019

OXON XC Round 3 Shotover – Sunday 6th January 2019

It was a revised Shotover course for the third OXON XC race, which combined the County Champs. The conditions were favourable; mild and fairly dry, with only a small amount of heavy mud in the wooded section – most unusual for Shotover! James was our first man back in 3rd V40 position and 15th overall. Lucy was our first lady back in a great 60th place. It was great to see a good number of Harriers turning up for this one!

Winning Times:  30:36 (Men) / 25:58 (Women) | Number of finishers: 319/223 | ResultsPictures by Barry Cornelius – Men | Pictures by Barry Cornelius – Women [dansheet file=16 sheetname=XC3 cell=A1:D15 theaders=”Position, Name, Time, Notes” class=”gsheets-special2″]


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