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Thursday Hordley Farm Run

Four miles, mostly on tracks or foot paths to the North of Woodstock.

A summer run that can be muddy after rain, especially the water meadows, which are usually flooded. Starting from the main Town Gate in Blenheim Park, turn right down the hill and exit the park at the Old Woodstock Gate. Cross the main A44 road at the pedestrian crossing and in to the water meadows via the ramp. The water meadows were granted to the town in a charter of King Henry VI, dated May 24, 1453. Follow the path along side the River Glyme, over the bridge, through a gate and on to Glyme Close, a residential area. Keep left and follow Green Lane past the Owen Mumford factory. The Green Lane, which eventually becomes Dornford Lane, is a medieval drovers road to Banbury, when Banbury was an important market town for the trading of live stock. After the sewerage works, the sealed surface disappears to be replaced by a track. Continue to meet the Bletchington to Wootton B4027 road and go straight across. After about 300m, turn left back along Akeman Street, the course of a Roman road, to the cross roads at the Drama School. Cross the road and go through a hole in the hedge and on to Hordley Farm. On to an access road, past houses and garages, down a track and across the River Glyme via a bridge and gate. Across a plain, through a gate and up a hill with the river on the right. Then turn left, through the garden of the last house on Top Lane and keep straight ahead. The route follows the hedge, through a couple of fields and a gate in to another field that some times has a herd of bullocks, which can be rather inquisitive. The best way to deal with these is to face them off and walk, rather than try to out run them. Across Stratford Lane, part of Akeman Street, up the hill past Field Barn and eventually reach Old Woodstock at the kiddies’ play ground. Head straight on via Rosamund Drive and Westland Way, and out to the main A44 road. Follow the side walk down the hill then turn right, cross the main road and enter Blenheim Park via a small gate. Head back to the duck pond to finish.