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Thursday Night Winter Run

Five miles, mostly traffic free, on good sealed surface. After heavy rain there may be localised flooding. In cold weather, the High Park area is liable to ice.

The standard run on a Thursday night after the clocks go back. The run starts just inside Blenheim Park at the main Town Gate. Car parking is available on the town side of the gate or in local streets, charges may apply. Follow the straight South and take in the view that Winston Churchill described as the “finest in England”, although we usually run this in the dark. Cross the road from the Main Gate to the Palace with care. Traffic will pass you on this stretch as they exit the park to Bladon. Continue on past the Pleasure Gardens and turn right to Middle Lodge. Avoid turning left to the Bladon Gate, instead head down the hill to the delightful hump backed Bladon Bridge. Over the river Glyme and from here, there is a steady climb through High Park with a number of false flats. Springlock Lodge is recognised by its tall chimneys and the Lake can be seen through the trees. Sometimes the waterfall can be heard. The top of the climb is approached when High Lodge comes into sight, in the dark the fountains are lit up. Turn right down the hill at Combe Lodge into the valley, which can feel cold and foggy. Then a sharp brief climb up to the road that heads to Park Farm. Turn right towards the Grand Bridge with the Palace seen on the other side. Before the bridge turn sharp left, along the side of the Queen Pool and turn right at the Fisheries Cottage. Finally the sprint to finish at the duck pond by the Old Woodstock gate.