2018 is the 15th year of the competition. It is based on a handicap system devised by Mike Shipway. Every first claim member in the Club has a chance to win irrespective of ability, and the competition should provide an incentive for all members to run in as many races as possible. This competition is a bit of fun and should not be taken too seriously as we acknowledge that there are shortcomings in the system. If you have any suggestions for the improvement of the competition please contact Mike Shipway and your comments will be considered for future years.

Handicap Races for 2018 (Best 12 of 18 races to count)

(01) Banbury 15 – March 18th CANCELLED
(02) White Horse Half Marathon – April 8th
(03) Charlton-on-Otmoor Mota-Vation – April 26th
(04) County Road Relays – April 29th
(05) Otmoor Challenge – June 2nd
(06) Banbury 5 – June 12th
(07) Thame 10K – June 24th
(08) Didcot 5 – July 1st
(09) Hornton 6 – July 21st
(10) Hooky 6 – August 5th
(11) Alchester 5K – August 15th
(12) Headington 5 – August 26th
(13)Woodstock 12 – September 22nd
(14) Witney 10 – September 29th
(15) Oxford Half Marathon – October 7th
(16) Hanney 5 – October 14th
(17) Abingdon Marathon – October 21st
(18) Eynsham 10K – November 27th

The Table (2018)

Position Name Number of races Total points
1=Alan Harrison14283
1=Dave Cantwell13283
3James Bolton12231
4Neil Preddy8198
5Paula Booth8182
6Will Hudson8165
7Sophie Carter6139
8Ralf Arneil5113
9Lucy Dunn5107
10Kevin Game5101
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The Rules The basis of the handicap, will be each member’s 2016 best performance for 10K. Many members have run a 10K but, for those who have not, the nearest equivalent distance has been taken as the basis (i.e. 4,5 or 6 miles). Those who do not have an appropriate qualifying time in 2016 will be given a handicap as soon as his/her next appropriate race is completed.(No new handicaps will be given after 10 races have been completed, and no new entrants to the competition will be allowed). Taking the fastest 10K or equivalent time, the average time taken per kilometer is calculated (see below under average per kilometer). The fastest time is allocated as the standard/base time. Other times are then compared with the base time and given a factor to equate with the standard. For example: James Bolton’s fastest time for 10K in 2016 was 33:03 which is 3.305 mins per kilometer Dave Cantwell’s fastest time was 36:18 which is 3.630 mins per kilometer Jess Webb’s fastest time was 36:20 which is 3.633 mins per kilometer Using James Bolton’s handicap as 100% Dave’s handicap will be 91.0% and Jess’ 91.0% In all future races these handicaps will be used to determine performance against standard. If James runs 33:30 minutes in his next 10K, Dave runs 37:00 and Jess runs 38:00 the adjusted times will be as follows: James 33:30 x 100% = 33:30 secs Dave 37:00 x 91.0% = 33:40 Jess 38:00 x 91:0% = 34:35 James is, therefore, fastest on handicap and will receive more points than either Dave or Jess.

How the points are calculated For each Club Championship race 25 points are awarded for the fastest handicapped time, decreasing to 1 point for the 25th. fastest. If there are only 5 Woodstock runners in the race, then the fastest will receive 25 points and the slowest 21 points. If there are 30 members in the race then those who finish from 26th to 30th will receive no points.

Results from the best 12 of the 18 races will be used to determine the competition winners. This allows for holidays & injuries and rewards the regular participant.

System Shortcomings One weakness of this system is that it is based on results from 2016 and if anyone has dramatically improved since the previous time was registered, then the handicap will appear generous. Likewise, if someone’s fitness has deteriorated, perhaps due to injury, then they would have no realistic chance in the competition. A review of the handicaps will, therefore, be carried out in August after race 12 to adjust any glaring anomalies. No new entries to the competition will be allowed after race 10.

Prizes Inscribed trophies will be awarded to the competition winner, runner-up and third place after the last race in November. Good Luck! Everyone has a chance to win – so go for it! The Club’s officials and committee members reserve the right to vary these rules from time to time and their decision is final in any dispute.